VIN’S, his album « Sophia » now available French artist

      The Montpellier-based artist Vin’s, whose name comes from Mathieu Kassovitz’s film « La Haine », is releasing his first solo album entitled «Sophia ». It’s composed of 17 pieces. In the first part he shares his dark sides with us and then halfway through, the album switches to reconstruction. Everything becomes more airy on a constant flow.

      In 2014, he produced his first album with the Wazacrew collective. He writes FBitch, a powerful freestyle, a pamphlet against social networks, its dangers, its women exposed, their malice. First success for Vin’s, which has since passed the 10 million cumulative streams mark. He also released 2 freestyles to announce 2 singles: « Vin’s » and « Blssnt » and he will be in concert at the Boule Noire on September 27.

      Lire la version Française

      Juliette Breton

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