Vegalia and its organic spirulina French Brand

      Vegalia’s idea was born following a road trip to Togo by the founders during which they visited a spirulina aquaculture field. There, they became aware of the incredible properties of this blue algae, but when they returned to France they were disappointed by the exorbitant market prices and especially by its taste, which is characteristic of an addition of chemicals or drying at too high a temperature.

      After analyzing and tasting spirulina from the four corners of the globe, they found Caroline the spirulina (their little blue algae!) on the Mongolian plateaus at an altitude of 3000m: raised in the open air and splashing around in water rich in minerals and trace elements.

      Its culture, without chemicals, and its drying at low temperature (42°) gives it a good little taste, a super content of vitamins and minerals, which has enabled it to obtain all the European organic certificates with brio, including Ecocert France!

      The #TeamKodd has tested for you, this super food supplement that provides our body with all the necessary benefits. Result after several weeks: More energy, thus strengthening our body in a totally natural way. From 15,90€, you will find your happiness and more vitality at Vegalia!

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