Two exhibitions for Laurent Montaron French Artist

      Laurent Montaron will exhibit two times this winter, at the Fondation Ricard from the 15th of November to the 7th of January and at the Galerie Triple V from the 24th of November to the 12th of January.

      Around a proteiform (photography, movie, sculpture…) art, Laurent Montaron frequently takes his inspiration in the recent story of technologies, expressing in his work, in a suggestive and fascinating way, different ways in which these technical inventions renew our perception and our understanding of the world. He plays with different mediums recording the real, and the distortions or filters that they generate.

      Laurent Montaron explores the complex relationships that language and representation have with reality. The different mediums he uses allow him to interrogate the conjunctions of the image with the sound or with the language.

      Victoire Beyens

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