Twenty, the community media of tomorrow French startup

      Twenty is a community media made for and by 16-25, which was created by Nadège Winter and Delphine de Canecaude, communication experts.

      Twenty, it is the meeting of several wills, several generations and several intuitions. Those of the generation Z which wants to express itself, to create, to learn, to be bound, to build. Those of the elders who want to give, to pass on, to keep learning, to understand the world of tomorrow, to give it its chances.

      Twenty brings about major change, works in its time, with their models, their concerns, their voices, their points of view. But much more than a media, it is a hybrid of a new kind, an on-line innovation. Fed by their stories, their inquiries, their images, their videos, their sounds, it is an on-line magazine made by and for them.

      Designed and developed to create links, agreements, form teams, collective projects, it is also a social network that has vocation for creativity and professionalisation. Twenty narrates talents, young, fragile but promising and puts them in the spotlight. As part of its work, Twenty wished for contacting media of a new kind such as KODD magazine, voted in by this « Millennials » public.

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      Léna SOUBEYRAN

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