MadamePee, to change women’s lives French Brand

      This is because the women’s waiting line is always very long, because they do not have a « fast service » toilet like the men, that Nathalie des Isnards embarked on a project that could change the lives of women.

      We present you MadamePee, the first urinal toilet 100% dedicated to women. This urinal meets the following three promises: Speed, hygiene and privacy. It is a contactless toilet, the idea being to touch nothing.

      It is environmental (dry toilet) and six times faster than normal toilets. The urinal (e) MadamePee is visible to the newly inaugurated incubator « French Event Booster » Porte de Versailles Pavilion 3. And was put (e) in first situation during the race UrgentRunParis November 17 ! So ladies, what do you think ?

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