The very first collection of Mercanie Polish brand

      Mercanie is a fashion brand founded in Warsaw by Anton Martyniuk and Alina Voloshchuk. As a team, Mercanie took concepts of the meaning of inner freedom, dreams and discovering own personality, as our main idea which we want to show with our brand and fill our clothing with its philosophical sense.

      Our debut collection ‘From Far-Off Lands’ was inspired by the era of romanticism of the Eastern Europe culture. Each shirt consists the lines from the poems of famous Russian poets of the golden age (M.Lermontov “The Sail”, F.Tyutchev “Silentium!”, A.Pushkin “There is a green oak by the sea”), who wrote about irresistible impulses to freedom and statements of the highest value of personality. It’s so important for us, as even today we find their words relevant.

      To make visual support, the Mercanie team created illustrations for each shirt, to transfer the feelings of nature and romantic vibes. The idea of unisex oversized form has come by itself when we thought about the word “freedom”, not only physical but also mental.By combining our life attitude and unique architecture of products design, we wish to let people “highlight” their individual values with our clothing.

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