The tuxedo and the suit, your wardrobe’s iconic pieces International icons

      At the time, women’s tailor-made was only possible with dresses, skirts and all other so-called « feminine » pieces. Nowadays, women have the opportunity to wear pieces previously reserved for men. Considered as haute couture, women’s tailor-made clothing has a very important place and has been used in France for decades. Whether it is a tailor, a dressmaker or a seamstress (although women tend to trust men more when it comes to making men’s pieces), your wardrobe’s icons will accompany you throughout the seasons. 

      Hey yes ladies, made according to your morphology and your wishes, these 2 pieces can be worn all year round (remember to change the fabric according to the seasons, to avoid high heat especially in summer or to catch cold in winter). As you may have guessed, the price when you bet on custom-made products is not always possible for everyone. However, with the Internet boom, it is possible to find three-digit parts.

      Let’s talk a little, talk a lot, get to the heart of the matter with the Tuxedo, your number one iconic piece. Elegant and timeless, tuxedos, especially women’s tuxedos, have become a must-have in any women’s dressing room (if you don’t have it yet, don’t wait any longer, buy it now). Tailor-made, it perfectly matches your silhouette for a chic and elegant look in all circumstances! Just like the little black dress, the woman’s tuxedo has definitely conquered the female gender and made men fall in love with it because of its shape and the look you will have with it. This mythical piece, modernized by Yves Saint Laurent, immediately gives you a so glam/chic look. You are beginners and you want to avoid the fashion faux-pas, choose the classic black tuxedo. Expert fashion, dare the printed or coloured tuxedo or better, play with the materials! For all of them, choose a slim-fitting jacket to slim down your waist and pants with pants to stretch your legs (no more skirts, you can wear it with a tailor). Anything is possible when it comes to dressing up!

      You are looking for a job, you want to look presentable or even get out of your « so casual » routine, the tailor is the second icon in your closet. The tailor is the ideal set for your look, especially when it is tailor-made. It guarantees comfort and elegance in all circumstances. Whether for an ordinary occasion or a special outing, the tailor adapts perfectly to your life and environment all year round. Perfectly fitted, women’s suits with pants or skirt, will be the masterpieces of your dressing room to obtain a unique style in which you are most comfortable. Versatile piece, the suit can be easily separated! By choosing the jacket, trousers or skirt, you can assemble one of these pieces with each piece of your wardrobe. All looks are possible: the jacket over a white T-shirt with slim jeans, the pants with a silk top or the skirt with a blouse. The possibilities are endless, dare!

      Whether you opt for a tuxedo or a suit, but especially for the affordable custom-made product offered by Sumissura, an online shop for custom parts, you will be satisfied no matter what your decision. By focusing on custom-made products, you will save a lot of money and above all, it will allow you to keep your products for as long as possible. Pass the cape ladies, and shoot your favorite icons now.

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