The jacuzzi, the must have of your bathroom Absolute Trend

      Also known as a low-energy whirlpool bath, the jacuzzi in your bathroom is a useful and important element for the well-being of your body. There’s nothing more pleasant than a Jacuzzi at home to relax in!

      Designed and created in the image of a swimming pool, the Balneotherapy baths are synonymous with relaxation, relaxation and pleasure. Whether in summer or winter, your bathroom will be transformed into a spa/sauna for your greatest pleasure. This will make you want to relax and enjoy your moment of pleasure while bathing. At Hydrostore, there are many choices and shapes: rectangular, circular, oval, king size or extras. No matter which model you choose, your new Jacuzzi will help you to eliminate tension and recharge your batteries.

      Being above all a pleasure of the massage bath, the Jacuzzi is a more or less large bathtub, equipped with nozzles that allow to send an air-water mixture into the bathtub. The effect of these nozzles causes swirls in the water, and provides a sensation of massage on the immersed body (guaranteed pleasure!).

      Let’s talk a little bit about the history of the hot tub. As a registered trademark, the Jacuzzi has some surprises in store for us. Especially because of its difference with a spa but also because of the name of its inventor. A little story is in order! Indeed, it was around 1950 that the Italian Roy Jacuzzi, manager of an aircraft propeller and hydraulic pump factory, used his know-how to create a bathtub that generated hydrotherapy treatments. This same invention, which was originally intended to relieve the health problems of a relative of the inventor, was perfected and marketed at the end of the 1960s. Thanks to the quality of its products, Jacuzzi continues to be the world leader in the field of hydromassage. At the beginning of its activity, the Jacuzzi brand was mainly aimed at professionals (luxury hotels and spa resorts). Over time, municipal swimming pools have entered the wellness market by starting to offer « wellness areas », including spas and saunas. This made it possible to make balneotherapy known to the general public and to democratize it.

      As for the price, it varies according to what you want. At Hydrostore for example, prices vary between €1099 and €1499 (this remains reasonable compared to competitors who can offer double or even more depending on the ranges, integrated features and different types of massages offered. Installing your Jacuzzi at home is quite simple, as long as you let a professional take care of it to avoid damage (unless you are a professional or an expert handyman!).

      Relaxing in a Jacuzzi is great, but doing it at home in complete peace of mind is even better! The choice of price, model, functions, installation and maintenance is up to you. In recent years, the virtues of bubble baths have proved their worth and have become more and more attractive. Whether you choose relaxation or massage, this domestic equipment is a concentrate of versatile well-being (no need for a person’s hands to feel good). You should also know that when your balneotherapy bathtub is in operation, the buoyancy of the body is reduced to 10% of its usual weight, thus relieving many disorders of the body.

      The virtues of hydro massage are numerous: relief of joint pain, stimulation of blood circulation, improvement of digestion, sleep and endorphin production… etc. Go beyond that by offering yourself your jacuzzi!

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