The independent sewing pattern in the spotlight! International Concept

      And if we talked about sewing, especially « sewing pattern »? Let’s start from the beginning … Sewing, this profession/leisure that has no secrets for anyone, who keeps talking about him. From confection, to retouching to garment adjustment, this profession that fascinates large numbers of people, individuals and professionals alike, has become the « must do ».

      Couture here and there, everyone is and wants to become a stylist, designer … Many fashion schools are flourishing, many sewing workshops are emerging, a lot of brands are constantly being created. But the most incredible, is the number of video « DIY » specifically « Do it yourself » that are published on the web every day. Everyone has their opinion on the subject: how to become a fashion designer, how to create a sewing pattern yourself, how to create a dress in 1h top chrono … etc so many exciting subjects but with few elected and pieces worthy of designers.

      Nevertheless, some benefited by offering the less experienced, to design parts using already pre-made patterns. Let’s get to the heart of the matter with the trend of patron de couture (sewing pattern, Editor’s note), so « Do it yourself » democratized especially by the blogger Lisa Gachet of Make My Lemonade or by TV shows such as « Cousu main » on m6 whose distribution has been stopped since 2017. However, before going further, know you know the sewing pattern? Otherwise, here is a small description to better understand this technique. Also called boss, the sewing pattern is the representation of a flat garment, presented from the front and back. To make it you usually need special sheets, pattern paper or a stiff cloth, such as the pattern cloth. Thanks to these elements, to easily design / create a garment, your garment (yes!), Before its manufacture in sewing. The idea is ingenious because it allows to limit the risks and the loss of fabrics by directly sewing the garment without testing upstream with the help of the pattern.

      Do not worry, this is not a mandatory passage but we recommend it all the same to have the most trendy piece of your closet without flaws or almost (we never know!) Not everyone is a seamstress. Are you ready to create your own clothes with the help of a pre-made pattern? It’s possible thanks to websites such as Oh My Pattern, which is the first e-shop that brings together brands of independent bosses for your greatest happiness. Do It Yourself has become a buoyant market thanks to the boom of Youtube channels, Facebook and Instagram videos. Everyone wants to have their own products, made by themselves, regardless of the industry. The fashion sector has benefited from this know-how that is not new! Do not be disappointed by this badly cut jacket or by this dress too short ordered on the Internet or bought in stores. Order your boss, receive it and start creating your own piece step by step to get a silhouette, a product of good quality, imagined by you. This is the promise that many fashion sewing websites advocate!

      Say no to fast-fashion by making a piece straight out of your imagination, a product made to last by its quality, the energy you have provided but most of all, the love of this work that you proudly wear when you a trip alone or between friends. As you must know, yes it’s good to have a boss and get a flawless result but how long does it really take? Do not panic ! We have the answer ! For the realization of a shirt or a dress for example, it will ask you on average, 2 to 3 hours, the hardest is still the pants, which requires 4 to 5 hours on average. Are you ready to take the next step? Become your own stylist? Start now you will not be disappointed!

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