The French know-how of the beret French Concept

      France is known worldwide for many reasons, thanks in particular to its famous “Baguette de pain” (bread baguette), its Eiffel Tower and its word « Bonjour ». Among these many symbols, we have chosen to highlight the French Beret which is more intimate, but attracts the most fashionistas (or not…).

      Let’s talk about a little history of this incredible accessory…

      For those who may not know it, the beret is as much Béarnais as it is Basque (french south cities). Its story begins when some shepherds from the Middle Ages had the idea of knitting a cake with the wool of their sheep using long boxwood needles. After washing, hammered and felted in the water of the gaves, stretched out on the knee for a long time, they obtained this hat which protected them from the Pyrenean summer time.

      For the creation of this exceptional piece, it is necessary to associate premium quality materials, rigorously selected, and the hands of experts experienced in the art of knitting, treading and felting, dyeing and colours, ennoblement and many other operations specific to the manufacture of a beret (It takes about ten steps to obtain this headgear).

      After the technique, let’s talk about the fashion and success story of this famous accessory.

      Adopted by famous French Houses (Chanel, Saint-Laurent, Dior…), this must accessories has a bright future ahead of it. No need to google « Men’s beret » or « Women’s beret ». Its little extra, its unisex side which will facilitate your choice among the many existing models. If you are rather in love with the Made in France and the BCBG style « so frenchy », the brand Bon Clic Bon Genre, a hat guide will be your best friend. Specialist in the headwear sector since 10 years, this company from Lyon (french south city) is a buyer of the biggest brands on the market (Stetson, Classic Italy, Fléchet, Laulhère…). It offers a wide range of products including hats, berets and caps.

      Adored by luxury houses,

      It is also worn by many celebrities and influencers (Rihanna, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jean Dujardin…etc). Who says celebrity, says style, tips and tricks. If you don’t know how to choose your hat based on a celebrity, we suggest that you contact experts in the field to find out how to choose the right hat for you. As mentioned above, to choose your accessory, you must first decide on the budget because there is a big difference between a Made in France piece from a young company (on average $50) and one from a luxury House (on average $350). When you have decided on the budget, let’s talk about colours: classic, daring, chic… are the different options you have. If you are more classic, black and dark blue will be your favourite colours. For the more daring, yellow, flashy pink or red will be the final decision. For the chic ones, white, black or brown will be the three colours to choose.

      Finally, for all fashion and lifestyle lovers, the finishing touch to your look will be the way you wear your french beret. Whether you decide to wear it on its side or in your own way, your style will remain « so frenchy » no matter what the circumstances. Accessories go everywhere, it will go well with a dress or jeans and sweater for you women or shorts and shirt or jeans and sweater for men.

      Ready to become frenchy by adoption through the beret ? It’s the time, you have to decide now ! Take your keyboards, select without moderation one of the premium French know-how. You are finally an expert in one of the most famous French hats.

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