The contemporary textiles interior Casalis Belgian interior design

      Casalis designs and produces contemporary interior textiles of superior quality, for private dwellings as well as public spaces. Founded in 2000 by Francis Vercaemst who was determined to refurbish the image of carpet production, Casalis today produces carpets, poufs, plaids, and acoustic panels selling in over 32 countries across the globe.

      After a three year absence, Casalis invited the public in Milan Design Week to experience the sound absorbing properties of their acoustic panels and explore a myriad of textures, colours and forms across the presentation of the brand’s timeless collections of carpets, plaids, cushions and poufs.

      Taking inspiration from a labyrinth, designer Anita Kars, created the stand consisting of a series of unique spaces in which Casalis’ designs could be discovered around every turn. A particularly popular feature was the acoustic tunnel, constructed with class-A acoustic panels by Aleksandra Gaca. When walking through the tunnel, visitors were treated to a first-hand experience of Casalis Acoustics’ extraordinary ability to muffle and dampen sounds, drowning out the noise of the bustling fair around them.

      Now the leading manufacturer of 3D woven acoustic textile panels, Casalis’ core mission remains unchanged: translating innovative ideas into practical products without a compromise in material.

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