Suzuya, a rapper to follow French Artist

      Suzuya says she started writing without any idea in the back of her mind, simply to put her feelings on paper and then share them on Instagram. Faced with general enthusiasm, the young man picked up Type Beats on Youtube and recorded his first song, « Bad Dream », using his mobile phone. « I just wanted to put my different lyrics into sound, but it quickly caught the interest of my subscribers.

      All this feedback prompted Suzuya to transform the essay: from now on she has to record her own tracks, why not an EP. He already has several themes in mind, whether it’s his daily life or the lyrics of XXXTentacion, which he appreciates for their off-format side and the way the American used his songs to get rid of his bad feelings. « Before I discovered it, I only listened to French rap, like LIM. Since then, I’ve been inspired by his approach to telling profound things, often linked to love, in the sense that it’s a universal feeling that allows us to talk about obsession, disgust, admiration, etc. « It’s a universal feeling that allows us to talk about obsession, disgust, admiration, etc. I’ve always been inspired by the American rap scene. But I also want to convey emotions through attitude or visuals ».

      Suzuya puts her finger on two of its intrinsic qualities. One: the depth of her writing, surprising for a rapper who is still in his infancy, but finally logical when you consider that he has always been passionate about poetry, to the point of receiving the congratulations of his teachers for his puns and his love of the verb. Two: the care taken with his visuals, which happily draw from the manga Tokyo Ghoul. A real influence: « In this anime, the characters have values that I like very much. They have torments, but they turn them into something positive, as if their suffering makes them stronger men. »


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      Behind the extreme darkness contained in the titles of his songs (« Dis-moi que tu me détestes », « Tristesses », « Mes jours préférés sont les jours de pluie »), Suzuya also refuses to give in to any form of pessimism. Her songs are messages of hope, in which the listener is invited to project his or her own demons. The identification is strong, which explains why some of her singles have over 5 million views (« Chutes d’étoiles »): « I often get messages from fans who tell me they’ve been touched by my words. It’s great: it proves that my songs tell something that goes beyond my little person.

      What his songs tell is also and above all the story of a music incapable of settling down, which goes from a humming chorus to a nervous flow, from dark hip-hop to rock inclinations, from trap to melodies inherited from disco (« Kraken »). « I like versatile artists, so I have no problem trying out new ideas, » he says proudly. Before concluding, without batting an eyelid: « My debut album, due out this autumn, will be the ultimate proof of that. « While waiting to find out more about the rest of his adventure, check out his latest video clip « Actrice Fantôme » below.

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