South Lane, the swedish luxury accessories Made in Sweden

      We met you the Swedish designer of South Lane brand during the men’s fashion week at the beginning of the year. Immerse yourself in its architectural world without further delay …

      KODD MAGAZINE : Can you tell us about you and SOUTHLANE ?

      SOUTHLANE : The brand started in 2011, it started with a collection inspired by swedish design, I’m swedish so it is kind of my inspiration. It was more about different species of colors on the bands, and it was very simple to switch between the bands , which at that time was quite a novelty. That’s how it it started and from that, over the years it expanded into more kind of premium leathers, so over the last two years it’s been focused on that. All the watches are made in Switzerland and all the leathers are made in Italy, it’s more kind of black and white, or darker colors and it’s more focused on the quality of the product whereas there is more little details on it. For exemple, the new watches are hand scratched on the inside so every piece become unique. It developed into leather goods which I took basically the same leather from the watches into wallets, card holders and even sneakers for this last season.

      KM : Can you describe Southlane’s universe and style ? 

      SL : Right now it’s very dark colors, more or less black and white and some influences of silver, and a little bit of rusty materials. It is more about like small interesting details rather than bright colors or things like that. It’s very inspired by architecture and prints of like concrete.

      KM : Have you got any influences or inspirations before creating a product or a collection ?

      SL  : The influences behind the latest collection are actually architecture and rough materials that you can find outside like for exemple one of the first watch that I did, the backside is a photograph of a concrete wall so I took that and placed it in the back of the watch. That kind of like spread and then I started doing hand scratches on the inside, I was inspired by that. So its kind of rough, natural elements, paired with matching leathers and different interesting twists. It is very much about little details, with a classic watch as well.

      KM : You are specialized in leather accessories and shoes, why did you choose that? Why not ready to wear by example ?

      SL : I really like accessories, especially leather ones. I like it because it is small and fine. I like watches too and I wanted to start with something quite small, but I’m not excluding getting bigger and create new products.

      KM : You are a young brand and your collections are also available in premium stores such as Harvey Nichols and Luisa Vis Roma, have you got any future projects ?

      SL : Not really for the moment, just extend the list of different retailers for the brand.

      KM :  Have you got a last word for Kodd’s readers ?

      SL : Just follow the brand, a lot of new things are coming in the future !

      Interview by Angela ANZ
      Translation Matthieu DONKENG ALIMETA
      Lire en version française

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