Lucky One, urban & chic joaillerie French Brand

      LUCKY ONE was born out of the desire to offer jewellery that is more accessible, simpler, that looks like us, with chic and trendy jewellery that can be worn every day, for all occasions, adapted to a modern, urban and digital lifestyle.

      As you will have understood, Lucky One is not just another brand of jewellery, but a philosophy of life, reflecting the modern world and the new generations, free, ambitious, interconnected and living their dreams to the fullest.

      « My various travels in Asia and the United States, allowed me to discover a culture of jewellery based on precious and fine coloured stones. Back in France, I wanted to offer a jewellery with the designs and codes of the new urban generations, a quality but accessible jewellery, to give back the desire to wear jewellery every day, whether in casual wear, at work but also in the evening. Lucky One was born a few months later. » would like to point out Hugo Acket, Lucky One’s founder.

      Version Française

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