Les Barrées from Edwart French Brand

      It’s autumn, the weather is no longer at the beach and swimsuits but oversized sweater so give yourself this guilty pleasure with chocolate ! The Edwart chocolate factory launch a new range of products to enjoy immediately, everywhere and without moderation : Les Barrées. Gourmet, shiny and crispy, they meet all the needs of escape. Just bite a piece to let it go instantly.

      Les Barées are of two kinds : les Barrées Grain is, as its name suggests, topped with the famous spread praline « Le Grain ». This 100% handmade hazelnut praline is sprinkled with caramelized hazelnut chips and Les Barrées Mustard is garnished with a praline with hazelnut and yellow and black mustard seeds. The black mustard seed brings crunchiness to the recipe while the yellow mustard seed gives it its spice.

      Taste fastly what we call French know-how in the Edwart Marais and Concorde shops and also on their website !

      Lire la version française

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