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      « Italian women’s shoes » : why are we typing this on our keyboard during the lunch break ?

      These words are really good in Google searches in the office, especially during sales periods … And even during the rest of the year, let’s say that all women really want to know what is happening in the world of shoes. Some really make it a question of life and death!

      All men know that when you are a woman you have a lot of shoes. Living with a girl means not having a lot of free space to put away her own accessories, precisely because of her shoes…

      The shoes exceed, in number, the clothes. This is easily explained. These objects are kept longer at home, compared to dresses, jeans, t-shirts.

      The shoe resists leathery in our closets. It is difficult to get rid of it, damaged or unloved it is.

      All that a shoe can say about a woman

      Women, in certain periods, only talk shoes … At other times, they remain silent, but go straight into the store, to buy it. The woman-shoe relationship is quite special. She has no equal in most men or boys.

      The shoes, at the same time, we parliament amply women. Just pay a little attention to their feet, to stare a little. Let’s go see, so …

      Ballerina or basketball: which woman does one have in front ?

      The ballerina is among the italian women’s shoes the most classic ones. This accessory crystallizes the two sides – dreamy and childish – of a woman. It’s an elegant shoe that can be worn easily with any outfit. Above all, this shoe ensures a fitting clothing in any kind of circumstance : meeting professional, work day, professional or tourist travel.

      The woman with ballerina does not waste time to pass to change between two appointments. This woman captures all the moments of her life, without losing anything and without sparing herself. It is someone who lives dynamically, often giving himself to others, sometimes forgetting himself. She likes elegance, but does not devote time to artifices to insure it. The woman-ballerina always remains in the discretion, even to be beautiful.

      What does basketball have to do with ballerina …? Nothing ? Not sure !

      Both types of shoes reveal, at bottom, the attachment to the most childish, adolescent side of life …

      The basketball woman does not want to get rid of her youth. This is also what keeps it always very active, able to shake the clichés of fashion. She shows up at the office with a tailor and her sneakers maxi active, for example! As a heel, then, we will have six centimeters of rubber, ready to support it in any initiative.

      Women with heels …: who are you?

      About the heels: what about a super bold pump, always talking about those looking on Google Italian women shoes ?

      Despite the prejudices related to the pump, the woman-pump wants to seduce. Without a doubt. His insurance requires this hairpiece, which is the super heel, to display. This image of strong woman that our imagination associates with the 12 centimeters of heel, then, where does it come from ? Surely the firm and imposing posture that a woman in a shoe needs to keep and, generally, manages to maintain.

      Surprising, right ?

      The safest woman of her, in the end, is not here. You will see it put on, rather, boots.

      Rebellious, domineering, authoritarian: she puts on her  »protections », then takes all the risks, always without any comments about her. On heels … Or not !

       »Italian shoes modest woman » ?

      What is found by this kind of research ?

      Well, we could immediately think of the woman-moccasin! In reality, it is rather ironic, imaginative, for certain aspects. But she loves tradition, does not break conventions. She is smart, likes order. Always on time, methodical, she never does too much. More than modest … it’s simple!

      As for modesty, however, it will be necessary to look for the feet in low boots : by raising the eye we will be struck by a girl or a very neat woman, but mysterious, made up, well coiffed, but a little  »trendy ». She shows herself, but does not sell herself.

      You must never go past a pair of shoes, if you want to understand what kind of woman you have in front of you!

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