How to Transition Your Wardrobe through Seasons By Claire Hastings

      Transitioning your clothes from one season to the next doesn’t have to be such a daunting and challenging task. In fact, it can be the perfect opportunity to incorporate more versatility and functionality into your wardrobe while preparing for the change in season. So, here are some chic, weather-proof ideas that will help you seamlessly transition your wardrobe between seasons.

      Don’t store every seasonal piece away . Before you do a total seasonal switch-out, think about some of the pieces you’ve been wearing and how they can transition into the next season. While you can easily store away overly seasonal items, such as linen shorts (which are shorts recommended by runners), bright prints and strappy sandals after summer or heavy wool sweaters and long chunky coats after winter, you can always keep out anything made with silk or Tencel, such as blouses, dresses and blazers, or cotton shirts, cardigans and lightweight sweaters, as these pieces can be worn all year round.

      Invest in a great transitional dress. If you haven’t yet embraced the adaptability of a good transitional dress, now is the perfect time. Perhaps no other wardrobe item is as versatile as a staple dress, as it can easily be dressed up, dressed down, warmed up or cooled off. If you want to make the most out of this piece, opt for a solid dress in black, navy, gray, beige, or any other neutral color that goes well with the palette of your wardrobe, and then maximize the wearability by carefully pairing it for each season and each occasion. From wearing it alone during the summer with pumps or even basic sneakers, to pairing it with denim and leather jackets, blazers and trench coats in fall, or even cardigans and heavier coats in winter, a staple dress can truly be worn with any item in your closet to suit the weather and occasion.

      Choose your splurges wisely. Summer style is all about your entire outfit, since every piece is visible, but during fall and winter, coats and jackets take the center stage. So, consider investing in a well-fitting, stylish coat that can carry an entire outfit alone. It’s always worth splurging on a beautiful, fashionable item you know you’ll be wearing for seasons to come, as long as you make it something chic and classic, like a statement that never goes out of style. Don’t forget about the accessories. Not only can the right accessories make any outfit look put-together and complete, but they can also help you make any look feel more seasonally appropriate.

      For example, while a simple outfit consisting of jeans, a t-shirt and a denim jacket might look great paired with a lightweight silk scarf during cold summer nights or early fall days, as the weather gets colder, it can easily be upgraded with a beanie and a chunkier blanket scarf to keep you warm, while still looking chic. As fall comes around, bolder and chunkier jewelry might be more appropriate as well, as delicate pieces can be difficult to see under heavier items. Similarly, while it’s perfectly fine to wear casual beachy waves in the summer, the colder weather calls for a more polished hair look, such as sleek buns accessorized with trendy scrunchies.

      Basics are your best friend, There’s a good reason everyone insists on having a few staple wardrobe pieces – not only can they easily mix and match with any item in your closet, but they are also ideal transitional pieces for any season. From neutral short-sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirts that can be worn alone during warmer weather or layered easily under sweaters, cardigans, jackets and coats when the temperatures get chillier to a good pair of jeans or basic trousers that can be paired with almost any item imaginable, good basics are truly ideal for transitioning your wardrobe through seasons.

      It can be tempting to blow your fashion budget at the beginning of every season, but just because the temperatures have changed, that doesn’t mean you need a completely new wardrobe. By having good foundation pieces, you can easily transition your wardrobe from one season to the next, leaving you with more money to splurge on functional clothes that truly make a statement.

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