How to choose the perfect wedding suit Recommandation

      When choosing your wedding outfit, you must absolutely bet on your appearance. By opting for personalization, the customization of your formal wear, you will get a look that fits your size! To find the perfect wedding suit, there are several choices available to you. Whether you’re the groom or the guest, there’s no need to worry about your head.

      Our absolute recommendation is to opt for a tailor-made wedding suit online, including the famous website. Supplier of custom-made suits for the bride and groom since 2008, this platform offers you these products by allowing you to choose from more than 150 fabrics. This allows you to create a wedding outfit to your liking! We all know that Marriage equals pressure and stress! Social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest are your inspiration, however, don’t forget to also try in physical shops to make sure you are the right size before making your selection online. That way, when you have this made-to-measure outfit in your hands, you’ll be the happiest bride and groom or guest. Regarding the time to take care of your outfit, we advise you to do it in advance, maximum 2 months before the day-days to foresee the unexpected.

      If we are talking about fashion, to determine the style or level of formality of your outfit, ask yourself the right questions. What type of groom/guest would you be? Are you classic or timeless? Urban or sober? Distinguished or in-between?… It’s up to you to notify all the questions that come to mind to position yourself. If you want to bet on a theme/style that is particularly close to your heart and to the person at your side? Think about it together to determine the look that will best suit you. That way, you will be in agreement to immortalize this day that is meant to be unique! By going into detail, you can also choose the style of the costume: formal wear, tuxedo, jacket, tails or frock coat. For the non connoisseurs, here is a small description of the different pieces.

      The ceremonial costume will allow you to play the big game without being old-fashioned. Whether it’s a 2-piece suit or a 3-piece suit (more daring but no less elegant), this look will guarantee you elegance and comfort to make this special day unforgettable. Count minimum 249€. With a budget of minimum 209€, the tuxedo will give you a very 50’s look. With this piece, its wide satin lapels combined with a bow tie will give you the look of a modern day James Bond. Be amazed! The tuxedo is available from 298€. It is certainly the most elegant and the most assumed of all wedding outfits (the most IT piece par excellence). For an impeccable silhouette, there’s no room for just about anything else. You will have to choose it made to measure, that’s all! Take your keyboards gentlemen! ! Just like the jacket, the starting price for the tailcoat is the same. An exceptional day means an exceptional outfit! The tails will be perfectly suitable for a wedding celebrated in great style (large hall, +400 guests, lots of flowers, very bling bling but chic). It is a good idea to specify on the invitation card that it is a « white tie » evening to add chic to your wedding with all your male guests.

      Finally, the frock coat, starting at 288€, will give you the look of a modern and elegant dandy. Easily customizable, you can decide whether or not to wear a matching waistcoat, and why not match it with your future partner’s dress. Dear groom-to-be, future guest, don’t hesitate, dare!

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