The Note, or when the French charm operates overseas French Artist

      A little much … or when the French charm operates overseas. What better than a light ballad and full of humor to the refrain heading to humming this summer?

      In poetry and with humor, The Note tells us the encounter with an English woman and the « dates » that following. For pictures, it is in Liverpool that it happens, with 1 pretty local, as described in the words. The refrain is assured by Red Dawn, English singer, whose accent makes the refrain incredibly « charming »! (To see absolutely below).

      The Note is the revival of French charm, in the image, in the texts and in the sound. IX Soeurs is the album, produced by his brother Adam Kueinov, feeds at the garage of the UK, the rap of the US, and the Swedish pop.

      French music offers itself here a modern, new, and resolutely popular sound.

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