A breathing device from Holiste’s house French brand

      The number of persons with allergies is constantly increasing and now affects adult and even senior subjects, who had never been affected before.  Allergy is considered by the OMS to be a disease in its own right, placing it in 4th position after cancer, cardiovascular diseases and AIDS.

      The Air® Bowl is a device that transforms the volatile parts of an extract Pine resin, Orésine (this eco-certified, chemotyped turpentine essential oil is obtained from the pine resin of Les Landes), in natural oxygen carriers. Fighting hypoxia is therefore an effective way to fight allergies. Oxygen, breath of life and vitality, will support the immune system, help reduce inflammation… and above all provide energy to the cells to function well and regain their balance. 

      This is what the Jacquier® Air Bowl offers by restoring balanced cellular oxygenation, without radical risks. Its use is pleasant and non-binding. Asthmatics can use it for short sessions (less than 3 minutes). Air Bowl sessions can be held at home as well as in Holite‘s shops. Children can also benefit from the effects of the Air® Bowl: to relax after school, to put themselves more easily on their homework, to fall asleep quickly.

      Some people take it upon themselves to quit smoking. With the air® Bowl, the smoker regains the wellbeing provided by better oxygenation and identifies the harmful effects of tobacco on himself. It is the click that causes an unconscious decrease in daily cigarette consumption. 

      Unfortunately, pollution alert episodes are becoming more frequent… The Air® Bowl generates aromatic molecules that can combine with hemoglobin to better transport and deliver oxygen to the cell. The presence of oxygen at the cellular level is facilitated and the anti-radical defences naturally increased. Oxygenation is normal despite pollution. 

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