Hadja Dioubate at the Studio Atelier Fabrique, an unusual place Parisian studio

      Located in a quiet little street in Saint-Denis, Studio Atelier Fabrique explodes with whiteness as soon as you walk out of its discreet door. Indeed, with its very high glass ceiling and its immense cyclorama, we plunge into an atypical, refined, industrial universe with a touch of vintage here and there.

      It is on these places that we will follow Hadja Dioubate, influential model and creator of the cosmetics brand HDK Beauty, for the realization of a special shooting with her official photographer Ali Yalo. The theme? #Boudoir #Glamour for a publication in Faust Magazine. Under the artistic direction of Diana Michelis, assisted by the directors Antonin Labat and Matthieu Mosset, the day will be divided into several stages for our ebony-skinned model. Step 1: Breakfast! A must have ! Hadja had warned in advance, as soon as she arrived, she wants to eat! After her passion for fashion (or maybe even before), Hadja admits to having a little crush on food. It is therefore with a tray of pastries from the oven that she is welcomed in the studio.

      A cosy little corner awaits her: the chill-zone of the studio offers small period armchairs, as pretty as they are comfortable. Before moving on to the next step, it is in this space that the artistic brief of the day is shared with the team in place. Step 2: The make-up artist enters the scene. Hawa took over the dressing rooms. The material placed on small authentic hairdressers in the old style, she installs Hadja on the chair for the realization of the beauty. An artist’s work is being played, each line of our model will be highlighted and prepared to face the photographer’s flashes. Did we say glamorous? Hawa is working on a style that highlights Hadja’s naturalness, her high cheekbones, her « cat’s eyes » enhanced by false eyelashes gives her a vintage look. Indeed, what could be better than a deer’s eye to match the top hat she’s about to wear?

      Step 3: The technique. Diana Michelis has given her instructions, the shoot will be an inception: the photographer will be photographed. The idea is to highlight the glamour of Hadja’s sexy and offbeat outfit with its graphic gestures and the abyss of the stage on which it will be placed: the masterful white corner cyclorama of the Studio Atelier Fabrique. Ali Yalo and his partner under the Denza Production label position the flashes, the umbrella, the golden light reflector, everything is made available by the studio for the artists. The complete package allows you to make professional productions. Ali decides to open all the windows: a flood of sunrays rush onto the set, the atmosphere is created, all that is missing is our model. She puts on her dressing room-style outfit, perches on 15 cm heels and there she is! Let’s go! Let’s go! 

      Step 4 : The shoot ! Hadja positions herself under the lights, the spotlights highlight every curve of her body, every eyelash beat, every graceful movement she makes. Being under the flashes is his job and it suits him well! The shooting begins and she asks to amplify the sound of the music « to get in the mood ». What music? What music? Rap! Rap! The aggressive notes contrast with the character very gently, let’s go for the shots. It turns, turns, twirls, twirls, for several hours. The picture’s in the box! Step 5 : the selection.  The shooting is finished, the photo is selected. Off-beat and dynamic, the shot shows Hadja putting her hat back on, her chin high as a movie star. The photo will be slightly retouched and transformed into black and white for distribution on all Studio Atelier Fabrique social networks and printed in full page format in Faust Magazine.

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      Studio Atelier Fabrique
      2 bis rue Catulienne, 93200 Saint-Denis
      From 190 € including all taxes, a unique experience, an unusual place
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