Godfidence becomes Boyz N God French Brand

      A few years ago, we introduced you to the young Godfidence brand whose concept had caught our attention. On the occasion of its renewal, the brand made its big comeback by unveiling a new identity, a new name and a different strategy from the previous one.

      Formerly « Godfidence », Boyz N God was launched in 2018. The brand’s identity is based on the relationship to God of the designer and founder. Indeed, the first collection, called « Chapter I: Godfidence – Dress to express not to impress » mixed origins and beliefs through unique pieces with premium quality.

      Chris Gilberto, the founder of the label

      Today, Boyz N God signs a trendy and minimalist comeback! Based on a true story, the brand was founded by Chris Gilberto with the mission to offer modern ready-to-wear. Passionate about fashion and creation, Chris is inspired by fashion designers such as Jerry Lorenzo, founder of the American luxury streetwear label Fear of God. This inspiration pushes the young designer to propose his vision of fashion, the values that reflect the brand image of Boyz N God.

      “Reach, Live & Spread the Light” it’s the slogan that represents the DNA of the Boyz N God label. Through the identity of the brand, the young designer advocates belief and the expression of convictions. In order to leave his mark, Boyz N God’s ambition is to offer quality products inspired by the codes of luxury through streetwear.

      2020 is a special year for the Boyz N God label: the renewal of the brand accompanied by a second collection. Still with the same theme as the previous one, the brand has kept its editorial line. The new collection is called “Chapter II: Renaissance – Another day in paradise”. A second collection which tells the continuation of the first chapter which was « less is more, more is less » with the codes of luxury. The second collection is characterized by a universe halfway between the 90s and today (At the editorial staff no call this kind of collections « Past to now », what do you think about it?).

      The Renaissance collection is a bridge between two eras separated by an abyss, without distorting the past of the previous period. The plus of the brand, a unisex collection for everyone! Indeed, Boyz N God products can be worn by everyone. The brand highlights its product offer through the photos of its campaign.

      Les codes du luxe à travers le streetwear

      This second collection is composed of 6 products ranging from €100 to €300. You will be able to perfectly create a total look made in Boyz N God! The plus of this collection is defined by the possibility to wear the different pieces throughout the year: jacket, shirt, trousers, t-shirt and hoodie. 5 types of products, 5 essentials of any wardrobe! The colours of the products are also well thought out because they are complementary whether you want to get a total look of the brand, or simply buy a specific piece to create a look with several brands.

      At Kodd, we have a crush on three products of the collection: the jacket, the « Lost paradise » t-shirt and the pants! The plus of the jacket, the details that remind us of the codes of luxury. As for the t-shirt, its unisex side is an absolute added value. Finally, for the pants, it’s its less is more side and the details in the back pockets.

      If you don’t know the Boyz N God brand yet, you can follow them on social networks (Facebook & Instagram) r better yet, select your favorite piece on http://boyzngod.com starting this fall.

      Version Française

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