French Fashion Brand marie claire Launches 2020 Spring Heels Recommendation

      Originated from Paris in 1966, French fashion brand marie claire footwear has presented typical French women’s interpretation of fashion, chic yet effortless.

      Recently marie claire MC footwear launched its 2020 Spring collection,which immediately drew market attention especially the range of Heels.

      Unique shoe designs combined with superb comfort wearing largely satisfy women’s daily needs. Suitable for most in-season outfits,the range boasts great fitting and is incredibly comfortable even with up to 6.5cm-height heel.

      All these are achieved with high quality leather and European shoemaking craftsmanship, because MC footwear brand is part of the renowned centennial global footwear company Bata Group which has over one century history in professional shoe-making.

      A pair of stylish and comfortable shoes, that’s marie claire MC fashion footwear. Effortless Elegance!

      Version Française

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