Femme fatale: much more than a physique, an attitude ! Advice

      Seductive, ambitious, captivating… Over the centuries, the femme fatale has been attributed many qualities but also many stereotypes. Frequently used as a synonym for the perfect woman but also for the black widow, the femme fatale is especially put forward for her advantageous physique. Although her physiognomy plays a role in the selection criteria, her physique remains a tool that the femme fatale knows how to use. Her biggest secret, however, is her attitude!

      The femme fatale is independent: she remains her number one priority

      To be a femme fatale is above all to be independent and to think of oneself. Often mistaken for selfishness, this personality trait offers her a wide range of possibilities. Whether in her career or in what she undertakes, she knows what is good for her. The femme fatale is often financially independent and doesn’t need anyone to carry out her plans.

      There are many negative connotations associated with this independence. Carrierist or bad mother, the independence of the femme fatale is often pointed at. The character of Emily played by Blake Levy in the film L’ombre d’Emily is the perfect representation of this myth. This stereotype, which often tends to stick to the skin of independent women, was particularly maintained in the cinema of the 50s and 60s where the independent woman was demonized. She is embodied by women ready to do anything for their personal interests.

      Yet being independent does not mean being selfish or even less being a bad mother and careerist. Angelina Jolie is living proof of this. Actress, mother, producer and UN goodwill ambassador, she is the perfect representation of the independent femme fatale.

      The femme fatale is strong and smart

      An attractive woman is a woman who is not afraid of anything, who is courageous and who knows how to use her intellectual qualities. Stigmatized as cold and manipulative, the femme fatale is still a woman full of challenges. She uses her emotional intelligence to better understand her surroundings and thus protect herself.

      Amazon women are the perfect example of femme fatale and warrior women who are not afraid of anything. They are often endowed with superior intelligence since they are great strategists. From Ancient Greece to the 20th century, they are described as dangerous warriors threatening the male protagonist. In 1941, however, the DC Comics character Wonder Woman, an Amazon princess, will demonstrate that a strong woman does not necessarily serve evil. This character of femme fatale and warrior is particularly exploited in the world of entertainment. In the field of video games, we will find strong and intelligent women in many titles such as Tomb Raider with Lara Croft or Aloy in Zero Dawn Horizon. They can also be found in the online slot machine sector, which uses the image of these femme fatales, notably in the game Amazon Queen. The design inspired by the world of the Amazons shows women whose presence commands respect and exudes strength of character.

      The femme fatale knows what she’s worth and won’t let herself be belittled.

      The greatest quality of the femme fatale is that she is endowed with great self-confidence. She knows what she’s worth and she won’t let anyone make her believe otherwise. Every woman has a potential for seduction. What makes the femme fatale strong is that she knows how to exploit it. Being aware of it and knowing how to use it has the consequence that she releases a charisma and an aura that will attract attention.

      To please others is first and foremost to please yourself. And the femme fatale understood that very well. From the outside, these women are perceived as self-confident and know which styles highlight them. Cleopatra is the perfect representation of this pattern. It is not only her looks that have marked history, but her insubordination and strength of character. She is, for some, perceived as a great manipulator and seducer who has managed to make Julius Caesar and Mark Antony lose their heads. However, she is above all a woman of genius who will never allow herself to be intimidated and belittled, even by the greatest Roman generals. Coco Chanel is also an example of charisma. This femme fatale revolutionized women’s fashion and was not afraid to show off with her own creations in her early days. Her charisma and self-confidence soon attracted the attention of actresses and other socialites.

      The femme fatale can only be summed up by her physique (proof that Cleopatra would not be endowed with breathtaking beauty). Being a femme fatale means above all having self-confidence, believing in one’s strength and ideas and not being afraid of succeeding on one’s own.

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