Contemporary art invites itself to the Palais de Tokyo Parisian Event

      Far from the journey to which one can be entitled in an online art gallery, the exhibition, which is being held at the Palais de Tokyo from 16th October 2019 to 5th January 2020, is intended to reveal contemporary French art. Achievable objective or failure in perspective? A little decoding.

      An exhibition with four curators

      This is a rare enough fact to raise questions and apprehensions in the minds of art exhibition enthusiasts, who still have the option of going to a online art gallery. Entitled Futur, Ancien, Fugitive, the exhibition currently being held at the Palais de Tokyo has four curators. It is not easy then to find the right method, the idea being not to make four exhibitions but only one that takes into account the subjectivities and obsessions specific to each one.

      Franck Balland, Daria de Beauvais, Adélaïde Blanc and Claire Moulène would have had all the more difficulty because they were not at the origin of this project. They inherited it following Jean de Loisy’s departure from the art centre for the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in December 2018. Finding themselves left behind in this perilous exercise to say the least, they preferred to play by communities of spirit and filiation, as Adelaide Blanc pointed out in an interview, a probable reason for the lack of a headliner.

      The absence of a headliner

      There are almost as many artists in the exhibition Futur, Ancien, Fugitif as in an online art gallery. A total of 44 artists have invested all the museum’s spaces, trying to demonstrate through their works who are the artists who can be considered as contemporary nowadays. Coming from different backgrounds and generations, they share a common point, however, that of wanting to highlight their uniqueness, which includes what they transmit through the creativity of their minds.

      As the selected artists escape as far as possible from categories and genres, there is far from being unanimity on the sagacity of the exhibition. Just as it is the case in an online art gallery, however, it would be wrong to say that there are not beautiful things there. Beyond making you aware of the fragility of the present moment, going there can allow you to find good ideas for interior design to be implemented harmoniously thanks to the advice given on Nidouillet.

      « Futur, Ancien, Fugitif (Future, Elder, Fugitive). A French scene » is the exhibition that is currently causing many of them to sink. A crazy bet for some, a catch-all for others, an idea of genius for some, there are quite divergent opinions on the subject. Nevertheless, the exhibition is going well and well and is attracting visitors. To be held until next January 5th, going there may be a good idea to go out in the capital. If you are interested, on this website you will find all the information you need. And if not, you can still fully live your passion for art through an online art gallery.

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