Black jeans : from hipster to dandy-rockeur A timeless success

      Black jeans are becoming more and more an essential part of men’s wardrobes. It allows you to feel totally at ease and it knows how to bring a little touch of elegance. It can also be combined with a wide variety of different styles, which is one of its great assets.

      A timeless success

      Today, the success of black jeans is absolutely proven. Whether you are young or old, hipster, dandy, young first or a fan of minimalism, this garment adapts to all and every situation. Moreover, it is available in the most diverse and varied forms, whether in a very classic or much more original way. It can also have a faded or torn appearance. Even the major brands have taken it over to make it an essential part of fashion. One can then find them at all prices and of different qualities, famous Diesel jeans with more discreet and emerging brands. Black denim remains a symbol of democratization, with everyone being able to choose one that matches their look and personality.

      How to choose and wear your black jeans ?

      To be able to wear your black jeans for as long and often as possible, it is important first of all to pay attention to the quality of the fabric chosen when you buy. Indeed, if it is of poor quality it will age badly and will quickly appear dull or covered with unsightly white traces. So don’t hesitate to pay maybe a little more: you can wear it for longer without having to buy a new one and thus associate it without any problem with your different outfits.

      To wear it properly, remember to mix it with light or bright colours if you want to bring it out. For example, to go to the office, a sky blue shirt with derbies will be perfect. For a more rocky look, choose black leather boots, a white t-shirt and the essential perfecto in black leather also. Finally, for a casual hipster feel, a camel jacket and Timberland or sneakers will certainly give you a trendy look for any occasion.

      As you may have understood, black jeans are very easy to wear and can really adapt to many situations. In addition, black denim is also very trendy on jackets and you can dare to look at the total look without fear of making an odd mistake!

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