Best parisian’s lounges conquest with Firsty Startup

      Finally a service who’s going to revolutionize your receptions ! Firsty offers your first drink at the best parisian’s lounges. In order to do so, beers, cocktails and wines are waiting for you to be tasted ! Everyday, a free drink at the best lounges.

      The idea is simple : Yes just that simple… More than just a guide, Firsty offers everyday a free drink at the lounge by your own. With a careful and deligent selection, thirty establishment available on Firsty are giving you a free drink, to help you go through without spending more and carefree. Firsty is shortly available in some cities were it is good to live, like Londres or Berlin. Say goodbye to your boring receptions, everyday is a new beginning !

      To benefit fully from the best parisian’s lounges, we give you an exceptional offer of 3€ instead of 9.90€ on Firsty with the code : KODD.

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