A dream vacation in Punta Cana Tips

      The sun, the good weather, the beach, the coconut, the palm trees… all these things in one place: Punta Cana. Located at the eastern end of the Dominican Republic, at the crossroads of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Punta Cana is a paradisiacal city very popular with tourists.

      Famous for its kilometres (about 40) of fine white sand beaches and transparent waters, the region of Bavaro and Punta Cana together form the Costa del Coco (for coconut lovers, you are sure to be served!). Lined with luxurious all-inclusive hotels, you can find what you’re looking for on www.lopesan.com.

      Let’s get to the heart of the matter: what to do while on vacation in Punta Cana? The question seems simple but deserves a worthy recap. With its 100,000 inhabitants out of season, the city of coconut palms multiplies by thousands of inhabitants in summer. To find your happiness, we are going to constitute you a travel guide worthy of this name.

      Before you go, get ready. There are three main things to consider before any trip:

      Security: We know, tourist town equals crime. Crime equals theft, assault and trafficking. Which means we have to be vigilant. We recommend that you keep your means of payment and passports hidden in the hotel (safe: safe deposit box…). Prefer to carry cash with you (but not too much either). Plan your expenses in advance and forget about valuables that are too visible (less is more is the key word). Being a country with natural disasters, you must always follow the instructions given by the authorities if this happens during your stay. Finally, memorize the 911 number in case of an emergency or assault; this number includes the fire department, health services and police.

      Medical Assistance / Health : You must make sure that your medical insurance is up to date before you fly to the Dominican paradise. Who says America, says very expensive medical care (no money, no care…). As far as health is concerned, we recommend that you update your vaccinations. Take with you, all medicines, products possible just in case.

      Administration : To enter the Dominican territory, you need a valid passport, a visa for the concerned people and to pay a tourist card of 10€. The payment is possible on the spot, on the internet before your departure or added to the price of your plane ticket (to see according to the airline companies). Finally, to leave the country, the payment of a departure tax of about 20€ is to be made.

      After the pre-start stage, let’s think HOLIDAYS ! You’re on the plane, and you’ve planned your dream trip. Once there, the weather is good, you are in a hotel worthy of the name and you enjoy your stay 100%. A desire to eat, go out or try out possible activities arises. What do you do? We have several recommendations for you. To eat, let’s think about money: the cost of living on the spot the Dominican peso (local currency) or the American dollar (almost accepted everywhere) are the two possible means of payment to taste the gastronomy or the Dominican dishes. Namely, prices vary between €10 (cheap meal) and €30 (chic meal) to eat at Punta Cana (prices remain reasonable compared to Paris for example).

      As for the activities to do in Punta Cana, whether you are a zip line, windsurfing, kayaking and/or sailing enthusiast, you will live incredible moments! We recommend that you opt for inclusive activities offered by the hotel to save money.

      Whether you’re with your family, a couple or friends, going to Punta Cana is a golden idea that is worth it (long live the dream holiday)! You’ll fall in love with the accommodation, the local flavours, the lifestyle and of course the climate and weather.

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