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      Whether planning your daily life, moving forward in life or achieving goals, your smartphone is simply indispensable. Indispensable, for its applications that make it possible to communicate throughout the world, which we have named: social networks! But did you know that other apps, besides Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, can change your life every day ? Back to the 5 best apps to download without further ado.

      The application to know how to dress 

      With global warming, the weather is more and more capricious: it is no longer uncommon for it to rain and to be sunny in the same day, or even to lose 10° during a single day. week. It’s not easy to follow the wardrobe … In this case, take out your AccuWeather weather app, the world’s most accurate: precipitation, hour-by-hour weather, weather forecasts, temperatures … Everything is there, and everything is millimeter. Convenient to know how to dress in the morning, or get organized with his umbrella ! 

      This app is used by farmers and other outside trades, to plan their activities. It’s pretty good sign that. 

      The app to move anywhere 

      Have you ever found yourself in a big city that you did not know, having to take a metro or a bus without knowing where it was ? That time is over with Citymapper, a transport application that revolutionizes travel. Not only does the app geolocate you based on where you are (and adapts if you change cities), but it also offers all the possibilities you have to go from point A to point B : public transport, Uber, traveling on foot or by bike, you just have to make your choice. 

      And as if it was not practical enough, Citymapper tells you the most efficient subway exits to reach your destination, where to ride the train, or, if there is a cafe near your meeting place. History of killing time, if you arrive early … What will surely happen with this super reliable app! 

      The application to become rich 

      Do you dream of holidays, travel or have new projects ? If you have free time on public transport or at home, the best thing is to play online, whether it’s poker or casino games. Not only do you develop your strategic skills, but you can enhance that by putting butter in spinach. 

      If you have not downloaded it yet, it’s time to do it : Unibet mobile offers sports, casino, poker, turf. What a good time online, which can turn you into a millionaire. If that does not change your life … 

      The application to be at the top of your form 

      Are you one of those people who have trouble providing their daily workouts, not by laziness, of course, but for diary constraints ? If you just answered yes, then you will love to train with a community of athletes around the world, via Freeletics. 

      This application offers you adapted workouts, to do at home or outdoors in just 30 minutes. Combine it with Freeletics Nutrition and get started on a fitness adventure that will last a long time: follow your results and announce your progress to the community, you’ll be delighted. 

      The application to never forget anything 

      An anniversary, a race to do, deadlines to remember: between the phone, the agenda of work and post-its stuck throughout the house, we always end up forgetting something. But this is no longer the case if you download Wunderlist, the application to plan your daily life through « to do list » lists of things to do. 

      Separate them into different categories, add reminders, colors or themes, share your lists with your loved ones and realize all your goals! Whether for personal or professional use, this mobile app will change your life. Little more? It can also be used on a computer, synchronization is done automatically with your smartphone.

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