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      On the occasion of his next EP « Get On My Boat », we exchanged with Zebra Lova to learn more about his career, his music and his universe. Immerse yourself in this conversation now !

      KODD MAGAZINE : Who is behind Zebra Lova ?

      ZEBRA LOVA : ZEBRA LOVA is the name given to my artistic project. I produce, compose and play different instruments on stage. It’s an electro/pop tinged with catchy beats and catchy melodies, a captivating music, mix of 80’s sounds and current.

      KM : How did you start your career ?

      ZL : I always played in bands as a bassist and composer, and then I was part of the band Banquise where I started playing the keyboard. At the end of the adventure, I decided to mount my project Zebra Lova and to start completely in the composition.

      KM : Tell us about your next EP « GET ON MY BOAT ».

      ZL : It’s a disc with 5 tracks in different moods. There’s a little bit of everything I love, songs with catchy melodies, groove and emotion with the title Easily. For this EP, I collaborated with the singer Julie Thuillier for the texts writing, with DOMBRANCE from DBFC band and Jean Baptiste BEURIER for the arrangements and the english Tom CHARMICKAEL (Black James, Is Tropical) with the mix. The disc was mastered at Globe Audio in Bordeaux.

      KM : What are your expectations through the EP release ?

      ZL : I would like people to sing the songs at the top of their voices in the morning when they wake up and to be in a good mood to go to work 🙂 That also makes them want to come and see us on stage because the formula with Emilie singing who is also an Hip Hop dancer and Fabian on the drums electro worth seeing 😉

      KM : Can you tell us about your first music video « Burst Of Laughter ».

      ZL : Its a clip that was made by a young Bordeaux duo Alexandra Rozas and Eloi Ficat from RIVAGE PRODUCTIONS. I wanted a refined aesthetic with a wonderful decor that we managed to find after long research … I chose a dancer for the title’s dance side. I like to see people dancing and especially during live !

      KM : If you could go back, what would you change ?

      ZL : Nothing !

      KM : What are your musical inspirations ?

      ZL : I’ve played in a bit of every style since I’ve been a rock musician to electro/pop, funk, disco and jazz. Today I am inspired by artists like SBTRKT, Bonobo, Little Dragon, Pional, The acid …

      KM : Your music videos are very cinematographic, where does this inspiration come from ?

      ZL : I love photography and the Wes Anderson’s film world.

      KM : What is the Zebra Lova’s next step ?

      ZL : Next step, we are very excited to singing during the next live after the EP’s release !

      KM : One last word ?

      ZL : Stay Alive !!!

      Discover this talented artist’s world now and devour his new EP devour his new EP without moderation !

      Interview by Angela Anz

      Lire la version française

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