Worn, accessories thought with precision Swiss brand

      Inspired by everyday objects, Worn pproposes a radical vision of bags-containers called by designers « bag-like objects ». For the PINKISANEWRED collection, Worn plays with the basic shape of the plastic bag (shopping bag) and reinterprets its shape, size (S,M,L and XXL) and functionality. The shopping bag is transformed into a clutch bag, a shoulder bag and a crossbody bag.

      The bag collection is completed by small accessories: electronic cigarette holders, card holders and hats. All pieces are made in Switzerland from Italian leather.
      The PINKISANEWRED collection is inspired by the themes of transit, migration and travel.

      Worn explores the idea of accumulation and accessorization of the bag. Thanks to metal elements (rings, clips, chains), all accessories can be fixed and accumulated. The smallest bag becomes an accessory for the largest, the oversized hat can be transformed into a key ring, the electronic cigarette holder is attached to a bag, etc.
      All bags and accessories are dedicated to the daily travel of modern nomads in a state of constant mobility.

      Version Française

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