Urban Capsule, from the funding to the street art French Concept

      « Art is the shortest way from man to man » wrote Malraux, famous MC of the hexagonal literature. He was right. And that’s exactly what Urban Capsule wants to accomplish. On the occasion of the inauguration of the opening of Urban Capsule on May 17th, we were able to exchange with Alexander Ivanov, the brain of this ambitious project. Discover this new concept through our exchange with the founder of Urban Capsule now.

      KODD MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself and your journey.

      URBAN CAPSULE: I’m 33 years old, I’m married with a great woman and we have a little boy who is a marvel !!! It is also to my wife that we owe the name of Urban Capsule! I am an entrepreneur who has been evolving for 6 years in the world of financing for companies. Before that, I practiced many different trades, PAT salesman, real estate agent, etc …

      KM: What is the Urban Capsule’s concept ?

      UC: The Urban Capsule‘s concept is to promote and finance Street Art. The promotion allows us to highlight the artists and their works, to make known the various techniques as well as the different media on which the artists produce their works (acrylic, aerosol, collage, stencils, canvas, mosaic, cartons, etc …). The financial tool allows companies to have their works within their premises through a lease. At the end of the contract, a call option may be exercised. This financial tool also allows the company to benefit from tax advantages.
      The general idea is to be the link between Street Art and the business world.

      KM: We have seen that the selection of your works wishes to upset Art. How did this initiative come to you?

      UC: I do not think our works upset this art, the idea is rather to upset the habits of our customers who are companies and do not necessarily go naturally to Street Art. We want to make it accessible, to find a place in companies, to highlight artists who themselves would not have imagined that their works are found in this universe.

      KM: What does Street Art mean to you ?

      UC: Any form of artistic expression that comes from the street, from the caves of Lascaux to the facades of buildings today! It is the spontaneity, the claim, it is a formidable source of energy!

      KM: Tell us about the current Artists selection exposed.

      UC: All the exhibited artists have a universe of their own, a lived Street Art and different techniques. Nasty works, as he says, on the preservation of heritage by creating works on faiences of the Parisian and plans’s subway. Zenoy works on the incision through his paintings which are a breath of pure energy. Pro176 on the distortion of characters and objects and the result is hypnotizing. C215 creates stencils with incredible precision and depth! Eyone is very street and tells us about her experience through her works … There are plenty of great artists to discover!

      KM: Why this choice ?

      UC: We tried to create a fairly representative panel of all techniques and supports. The goal was also to create a very varied universe. When we walk in a city, on walls, bus stops, trucks, we see many different things, it’s a bit what we tried to do!

      KM: How did you gather so many artists ?

      UC: Going to meet them to talk about the project and our desire to put them forward! We were lucky that they all join the project and accompany us in this event. I think they felt the sincerity in our approach to promote Street Art in companies by passion and not by opportunism.

      KM: What’s next for Urban Capsule ?

      UC: We are already working on the programming of our next event which should take place in late September 2018, we have proposals in France and abroad for the promotion of Street Art. In parallel to this, we wish to flood the companies of Street Art!

      KM: Do you have a tip for young artists?

      UC: To believe in them, to always try new techniques, to feed on their experience and life!


      Interviewed by Angela Anz

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