Unridden, the brand inspired by the North Danish Brand

      Based in Copenhagen, inspired by the endless and powerful Nordic coasts, the new surf brand UNRIDDEN created by surfer and entrepreneur Søren Alminde and designed by Danish designer Asman Juel Larsen is about to see the light of day.

      It was the rapid movement of the cold wave that came from the ice, the wind and the rain chased the Nordics. An escape from darkness in the hidden dream. UNRIDDEN consists of a complete collection, including accessories, and focusing on recycling, upcycling and biological tissues.

      The focal point of the collection is a style without decoration and a sense function, based on iconic surfing items and details such as the combination and its features. The knitwear is made in collaboration with S.N.S Herning, in order to integrate their high quality and craftsmanship into the world of UNRIDDEN with new prints and details.

      Their first collection will be presented in Milan, Paris, Copenhagen and New York and will be available in some stores from June 2019.

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