Toka Toka releases its new summer collection French brand

      Whatever the destination, this spring/summer 2019 season promises to be recreational at Toka Toka. A clever mix of classic streetwear and of vintage sportswear codes, the Marseille label thinks this time of a collection that takes us straight to the holiday route.

      It’s time to wrap the sandwiches and fasten the seat belts. Direction the Autoroute du Soleil and its rest areas. The backpacker of bitumen will appreciate the soft textures of the clothing and the effective cuts. The audacity of the exclusive prints made in France will look great in a deserted or crowded station.

      The urban adventurer recognizes himself in the assumed nonchalance and the assertive colorama of the pieces. Inspired by the wind of the eventual, the Marseille label imagines the tourist’s suitcase in the city. Evolutive cloakroom of quality and offbeat quality, Toka Toka’s new products will be available in several drop versions throughout the spring/summer 2019 season. Finally, it’s time for the holidays.

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