Timeless trend: The gradient hairstyle To test absolutely

      The gradient is a timeless hairstyle that enhances the face without effort. It’s the perfect haircut for « Less is more » or « so chic »! Whether you have short, medium or long hair, this look adapts easily and restores shine to your hair.

      Let’s get to the point… First, define and understand the gradient. For those who don’t know what a gradient is, it’s very simple. To achieve this type of hairstyle, the shortest strands must be cut gradually, with more or less precision, in order to give movement and volume to the hair. If you have fine hair, gradient is the ideal solution! Be careful, we prefer the hair salon for this cut. To achieve it, the hairdresser uses classic scissors on strands with more or less thickness, depending on the desired result. The principle is quite simple: the haircut is done in stages according to a very precise pattern because, to succeed in a gradient, you must not show any demarcation between strands of different sizes (hence the importance of leaving your hair in the hands of a professional to avoid any disasters).

      Before to talk to you about the different possible hairstyles, let’s talk about care ! To take care of your hair, especially your gradient, there are several rules to follow to always look your best. There are many brands on the market that offer alternatives to the hair salon (as we all know, a salon requires budget and time). You don’t have to go every time you want to do a treatment. By choosing Schwarzkopf products for example, you will get a professional result while staying in your bathroom. Shampoo, conditioner, foam, mask… etc. You will find your happiness by buying your own products. However, don’t forget to visit the hairdresser sometimes to make sure your hair is healthy. Yes, everyone has their own profession!

      Let’s get to the heart of the matter: Which hairstyle to choose for your shade ?
      Must have, basic essential, the gradient works every time and is suitable for everyone. The greatest advantage is that it adapts to all shapes of faces and all types of hair (smooth, curly, frizzy… etc). However, depending on the length of your hair, the final result may be different.

      If you have long hair, the long gradient is the perfect solution to obtain a structured, natural and sexy cut. With your long Ariel style hair, the shorter strands that fall on the longer ones, allow you to camouflage your jaw and enhance your face while redefining your style. The more defined the hairstyle, the more the chic side will stand out. Feel free to take inspiration from the 70s’ looks of Hailey Bieber or Megan Fox. We validate Hailey’s less is more side and Megan’s dark side!

      Are you from the #Teamshorthair ? The short gradient will give you a rock’n’roll look. Still sexy as the long gradient, this model can more or less reveal the neck and will certainly wreak havoc! You can play it the way you want like Rihanna or Karlie Kloss style for a chic look. The little extra of the short is the number of possible choices: symmetrical, asymmetrical, bowl… etc. You will find your happiness according to the desired hairstyle.

      For those who want to play it mysteriously, the gradient with fringe is also an option. For a bohemian look, we take inspiration from Beyoncé, J.lo (Jennifer Lopez) or Kylie Jenner to choose the fringe that suits you best. There are many other possible gradient models: the square, the wavy effect, the long blur, the retro, the regular, the ultra smooth, the tapered, with stripes, the curly… etc.

      Whether you want a soft look or a femme fatale, this hairstyle is a real chameleon that adapts to all possibilities. Bring out the star in you! An absolute trend for all generations, the degraded has not finished making people talk about it. So convinced ? No need to think, dare! You only live once. To try it is to adopt it!

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