The suit, the must have of your wardrobe Ready-to-wear for men

      The suit, this look that every man should have in his dressing room is constantly being renewed! Adopted by Italians and English, men’s suits are becoming increasingly adopted and adapted for every occasion in France.

      Fall in love with the suit!

      Previously offered on a made-to-measure basis, from creation to tailoring, the suit as presented in this selection,, has become an industrial product. Nevertheless, the know-how of this ensemble remains top of the range with some brands such as the leader in the sale of men’s clothing and accessories, IZAC, which guarantees you a neat and elegant silhouette. Thus, the declination of this emblematic piece of the men’s cloakroom is proposed in a wide choice of colours, materials and models. You have something for everyone: one, two or three button suit, straight or crossed suit jacket, classic collar or shawl, matching vest, slim or straight cut suit trousers, printed, plain colour…etc. A rich and varied range to satisfy all fashion desires, from the most classic to the most trendy and the most demanding.

      Be trendy….

      Accompanied by a shirt, you can wear your suit with a tie, bow tie or simply without accessories. As for tuxedos, you have a choice! Whether you choose a pointed collar or shawl, only your look will determine the occasion you have chosen (parties, special ceremonies or dinner). A must have in the men’s wardrobe, the black tuxedo is perfect as a cocktail or gala outfit par excellence but can also be used as a wedding suit, especially when it is declined in a blue or dark navy so trendy. For those who prefer to go out on the classic side, forget the plain-coloured costumes, fabrics usually used.  

      How to mix your costume look:

      Dare, gentlemen! Say yes to the linen suit, Prince of Wales or even better, mix your pieces by opting for trousers and a plain colour suit vest accompanied by a white shirt with a printed jacket as a look finish. There’s nothing better than matching costumes sold separately! They allow you to easily dress with a look that changes with each occasion. Let’s not forget that this also makes it possible to offer products in all morphologies. Whether you wear S in trousers and M or L in a jacket, you will be served! Thus, to perfect your look, you can offer yourself a selection of complementary products without constraints. Sneakers, moccasins or sandals on the shoe side, classic or eccentric socks, casual bow ties at the craziest, ties and cufflinks in all sauces. 

      The killing look

      A great look is good, but what about the price? No stress, gentlemen! Today, thanks to the internet, you can offer yourself a two-piece suit for a minimum of 300€ (excluding sales, promotions…) and for a minimum of 150€ during sales or promotions. As for the three-piece suit, you can get it for a minimum of 450€ (excluding sales, promotions…) and during sales or promotions, a minimum of 250€. To your wallet, my dear ones! Let’s go! Let’s go! Finally, for the finish of your trendy look, we decided to take you out of your comfort zone! Forget the simple costume look, think differently. 

      What could be more elegant and trendy than a perfectly fitted suit, accompanied by trendy accessories? This style will allow you to associate your iconic piece with other must have items in your closet:

      • two-piece suit with shirt
      • a nice pair of sneakers
      • a backpack
      • a cap

      for a look perfectly suited to an office environment or simply during an afterwork (so chic!). You can also play « less is more » with just your suit pants, a loose t-shirt and summer sandals or city moccasins.

      Are you ready to embark on a so chic adventure? we guarantee you that this is possible thanks to the know-how and expertise of this affordable « star of all men’s dressing rooms » set. Go ahead if you are more of a streetwear, sportswear… There is no age left to buy your first suit or simply to expand your collection. Dare to do it now!

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