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      The bikini line is the most delicate area to depilate. Whatever method you plan to use, you must proceed with care. Because making a successful bikini waxing at home is not at all cheap. We find ourselves if we are not careful with pimples and skin irritations.

      Here are for you, the right gestures and some tips to make your hair removal a success every time!

      The preparation stage

      Pubic hair often retains perspiration and is a source of odours. Especially during the hot season. Complete hair removal is the ideal solution to have a soft and clean bikini line without the inconvenience of protruding hair.

      To achieve this, it is essential to prepare the area to be depilated carefully. The day before, proceed with a light scrub of the bikini line to avoid ingrown hairs and eliminate all dead skin cells. Remember to moisturize also to soften the skin.

      If your hair is long, it should be trimmed close to your body. Otherwise, they may break instead of tearing off during depilation. Always proceed gently with each operation. Choose products that respect your skin.

      Which hair removal technique to choose ?

        Depilation of the bikini line is not without pain. Indeed, the skin in this area is very sensitive, and the hair is often denser. It is then necessary to choose your hair removal technique carefully.

      The most common (and most recommended) is hot waxing. Because it facilitates the removal of hair by dilating the pores of the skin. This technique is very effective on thick hair and guarantees about 3 weeks of softness. On the other hand, cold or warm wax does not catch the hair as well, which accentuates the pain.

      For the more cozy ones, the choice of a depilatory cream will do very well. It is economical and less painful. The other option is the razor! But be very careful with the blades that can cut. Note, however, that regrowth will be faster, with coarser and sharper hair.
      If you’re the reckless type, you’ll probably choose an electric epilator. However, be sure to tighten the thin, sensitive skin of the bikini line to prevent it from being caught between the teeth of the device. It is also important to avoid very sensitive areas of the lips.

      How to wax your bikini properly ?

      We always start by cleaning the pubis with an alcohol-free lotion to avoid infections. A bath or shower with hot water can dilate the pores and make it easier to remove hair. In addition, applying a glove filled with ice cubes to the bikini area for about 3 minutes will anaesthetize the nerve endings of the skin and make the operation less painful. For more information, discover here the step by step depilation of the bikini line.

      Afterwards, a little talcum powder could help the wax to hold the hair firmly in place without pulling the skin. Not only will the hair be easier to remove, but talcum powder will also prevent redness and pimples from appearing.

      Before spreading the hot wax, check the temperature carefully to avoid burns. Once perfectly applied according to the desired shape of the jersey, let it dry before tearing it off. Remember that the best way to remove the wax is from the bottom up, in the opposite direction of its application.

      After depilation

      For the last stubborn hairs, avoid using wax several times. Finish with a disinfected tweezers. Use the wipes supplied with the wax to get rid of hair residue and product. Try olive oil to soothe and calm the skin.

      Once the operation is finished, go in the shower to disinfect your skin by washing with a mild soap that does not contain alcohol. If you have alum stone, now is the time to use it. Its antiseptic properties will prevent infections, redness and the appearance of ingrown hairs.

      The « key word » at this stage is the hydration of your skin and especially of the depilated area. Use an organic nourishing cream or lotion with natural ingredients. Apply it twice a week, and don’t forget to exfoliate once a week, carefully avoiding the mucous membranes.

      Here, you now know the best tips for a perfect success of your bikini waxing. All you have to do is choose the technique that will suit you best!

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