Take your place on Le Stylobate French plastic artist designer

      The second collection of the young designer Cédric Canaud is this time dedicated to the seat, collective or individual. It forms a hub of activity, a meeting point that favors « in common » or « parallel ».

      Thought and designed by assembly of objects/of space, the collection « Le Stylobate … » consists of 5 interdependent elements, each answering a question and a need concerning the question of the seated, the body taking place, whether at rest or in activity. Representing the « in common » or « parallel », every room is developed both individually and linked with its neighbor and conniving form.

      They assemble to form the deliberate space. So, the basic « Le Stylobate » tray in MDF (medium density fiberboard) dyed from solid and plywood installs first, alone. It remains raw and to be completed. One adds to it then, for example: “Un bloc d’hérodote”, backrest or armrest with tawny leather handle, dyed mdf, chipboard foam and woolen felt blanket, which will form the known as backrests and armrests and one continues the pieces assembly, and so on and so forth. “Le stylobate” is perched on 45cm high legs. And proposed in 2 lengthes, 100cm and 150cm, to sit down being alone, two, three.

      This game with the perceptions leads to a tactile experiment. Cédric Canaud‘s objects are there to get in touch with us and our bodies. They are objects to be lived, their appearances are deceptive and they reveal their potentials during the contact. Thanks to materials and to these perception games they are at the same time sculptural and alive. They so name this idea of exhibition, of display, they make a living landscape in which slipping, that will keep a record of our passage, our position.

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      Léna SOUBEYRAN


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