Online booking, the spa salons’s new eldorado Facilitate your customer relationship

      Nowadays, a lot of people book their beauty and wellness appointments online. Spa salons are also involved. Give your customers a service by offering online booking at your establishment without hassle!

      To reach new customers, online booking is the solution that many customers prefer by far to have to pick up the phone. This change is certainly caused by consumer habits that are becoming increasingly demanding. Booking online brings a lot of freedom, good points and many advantages to different companies … The perfect solution: keep your schedule open 24/7! If the online booking is not always welcomed, the beauty and spa institutes that have tested it say, when used properly, it is a hit machine. This success can be realized with software such as Versum, which has +34,000 professional clients.

      These numerous advantages are generally defined by:

      • Optimizing the agenda of your institute: the online booking is an access to your agenda wherever you are, whenever you want, 24/7 (whether you are on vacation, in the mountains … you can be at running your calendar as long as you have network via your platform).
      • Save time: instead of staying in your institute to wait for phone calls or bet only on a secretary, you could also, with only about thirty minutes per day, according to the estimates of developers, manage your appointments without problems.
      • The increase of your turnover: thanks to the optimization of the filling rate and the online availability of your calendar, your turnover will increase for sure!

      On the other side, the customer also benefits from several advantages: booking outside the opening hours of your institute, opening the schedule 24h/7, book when and where he wishes, book for a close or several close, be free to take time to choose the benefits that suits him best … etc the list is long! With the Internet, you’ll attract more prospects and focus on other aspects of your business.

      Convinced? Online booking does it speak to you? If you are still hesitating, there are a lot of points that will push you to pass the course. You will :

      • Make the most of your agenda with online booking
      • Communicate more effectively with your customers
      • Constituting your customer file very simply
      • Manage your business in no time
      • Manage the evolution of your turnover and much more

      And all this, thanks to online booking only! You can always test the Versum software with the 14 days offered to complete your spa salon’s digital transformation. Take advantage now to attract even more customers!

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