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      Cool and trendy the suit ?

      This will not have escaped you: stylish and elegant the costume is coming back at all designers. Paris, Milan and London, on all the catwalks, the suit combines classic and relaxed. This great classic comes back to us to propose an urban and ultra-contemporary elegance.

      Formal, business or casual, the suit fits the look you want. Every man has a costume that will sublimate and make him attractive!

      Choisir son style de costume

      The costume is the essential part of dressing man but There are subtleties to respect to avoid the fault of bad taste! Your costume must magnify and enhance you. The cut and the elements of style must be coherent and proportional to your morphology.

      The immutable rules whatever your silhouette:

      l  Jacket :

      • The shoulder seam should match with the shoulder drop.
      • Your jacket should not wrinkle in the back.
      • No crease when you close it.
      • It must fall just below the buttocks.
      • The sleeve stops at the wrist bone (ulna).
      • The collar of your shirt should appear fully.

      The 2 basic measurements for a jacket are the shoulder and the chest. In ready to wear, the size indicated on the label corresponds only to the value of your chest size divided by 2 and rounded to the value of upper base.

      Example: if your chest size is 90. Your jacket size will be 46 (90/2 + 1 = 46).

      You will have the choice in the trade between several models of jacket.

      2-button jackets : this is the most popular model. More or less arched, they refine the silhouette and bring freedom of movement.

      Jackets with 3 buttons : the most classic, it is often declined with thicker materials such as tweed.

      The crossed jacket : the most elegant, often 2 to 6 buttons, suitable for all men however to choose it to a good extent.

      … and hundreds of tissue possibilities.

      The preferred material for a costume is wool. Natural and breathable, you will find it in the majority of compositions, alone or in combination with another material, such as linen, cotton or silk for more fluidity or lightness. It is available for summer or winter jackets. For the summer, its grammage will be lower than 200gr / m2, when for winter it will exceed 300gr / m2.

      You will avoid synthetic materials, such as polyester and viscose, dedicated to low-end suits. Low bill, they are very sweaty and very wrinkle.

      Depending on your body type, opt for a different style of jacket!

      • The small and fine men: fitted jacket, a little shorter to accentuate the length of the legs, a thinner jacket lapel.
      • Medium-sized men: a 2-button fitted cut will be perfect.
      • Tall men will preferably choose a longer, arched or crossed jacket.
      • Strong men: a straight cut with an ideal length or a crossover jacket.

      l The pants

      • The cut must be adjusted without molding.
      • No excess tissue in the crotch and buttocks.
      • Pockets should be plated.
      • The pants should fall slightly on your shoe, without making more than one break.

      You can choose between straight cuts or slim (the latter being preferred for men thin)

      Or buy ? Ready to wear or customized ?

      Ready to wear is the offer you will find in the majority of physical shops or online. The clothes are mass produced with standardized sizes (S, M, L, XL, etc.). If the garment does not match your morphology, the passage through retouching will be unavoidable.

      Made-to-measure is the principle of making a garment based on your figure and your wishes. The garment will be unique and personalized. It will fit perfectly to your body. The tailored suit has long been the preserve of luxury and haute couture

      The custom-made design has largely democratized with a very affordable offer called « half-measure ». We use an existing pattern that will adapt to your measurements and your morphology.

      This offer is personalized, to offer you a perfect cut of your costume.

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