Océopin, the organic skincare brand to adopt French Brand

      The family brand Océopin isn’t like the others. Founded in 2012 by a father and daughter has a unique asset in the world: maritime pine oil. Boasting exceptional Delta 5 fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenols, among which it is among the richest of vegetable oils, maritime pine seed oil is an organic active with restructuring, soothing and anti-wrinkle properties that nourishes and regenerates the skin to reveal its original beauty. Check out Angela’s interview with Marina Berger, the co-founder below.

      KODD MAGAZINE: Tell me about Océopin.

      MARINA BERGER: This is a family brand that I created with my father in 2012 and that works a unique asset in the world that is Maritime pine seed oil. That is to say that the pine cones are harvested on the trees in all the forests that border the Atlantic Ocean in France then we have them open in our factory. We remove the seed that is cold pressed to obtain this vegetable oil that will enter the composition of all our products and be the brand’s asset.

      KM: Why did you choose to use organic oil?

      MB: We discovered this oil with a bordelaise researcher who worked on it with us for many years and comes to extremely interesting conclusions about its plumping, anti-aging and very soothing action for sensitive skin. As we harvest the pine cones by hand in extremely ecological forests, we obtained the organic approval on this oil and it was really a very strong choice from us to make an organic range because the way it gets so natural that it was obvious.

      KM: Bio is doing very well right now in France. What about Océopin?

      MB: Yes it works pretty well, we have new markets that open very regularly, we made a very big proposal this year. We are still a young brand because we only market since 2014, the first years were really dedicated to research and development and filing the patent… Since we are on the market phase it works very well and we think that there are more and more opportunities for organic and that consumers are much better informed than before. According to the indicators there are many brands that are created in organic. It is actually a demand of the current consumer to have natural and organic products, even more!

      KM: Why did you bet on Made in France?

      MB: The Maritime Pine asset, it is really found only in France. To have a pine massif as big and heard it is only possible in Aquitaine and the Landes. We also wanted to promote a know-how that has existed for a long time and typically French and that is part of our history. In the history of the brand we wanted to be 100% on Made in France which is always good in terms of marketing. French beauty products are exported very well and radiate in the world, there is always this French luxury, even organic that attracts.

      KM: Organic skincare brands are growing more and more. What is so special about Océopin?

      MB: What sets us apart is having this asset of serious and complete efficiency that is unique in the world, that we are the only ones to produce. Then what will stand out is our family history, it is rarely the case. The fact that there is a story behind is very popular with consumers too. We also stand out on the organic market having decided to make the high-end, we get concept stores, shops a little more pointed because we have a packaging that we wanted glamorous. It’s not in the green that we find in organic products, we tried to do something attractive.

      KM: Upcoming projects?

      MB: The next goal would be to work internationally, because although our E-shop delivers all over the world, we sold our products in stores only in France. So we would like to start with Europe first and then the world. And develop at our own pace to produce our products with a maximum output per year to focus on finding the product that will be most relevant, find very original ingredients as in our cream that was released early year in which we had rare Atlantic Coast ingredients. Taking time to shape each product and create a care routine that is more complete even unisex is our goal.

      KM: One last word?

      MB: I wish everyone to discover the brand, its history and its unique and exciting know-how. The maritime pine speaks to many people, it is also holidays memories when you go to the sea in the summer. This can be an entry to discover our range and discover the benefits of this oil through our products, which are very beautiful to put at home and which are highly organic with very qualitative formulas. You have to really test to feel the difference, to experience it.

      Go check their website to discover the entire range !

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