Nicolas Ly makes his come back with Breathin French singer

      We already told you about Nicolas Ly, the singer whose minimalist instrumentals merge with a soul and divinely smooth voice. He’s back with his single Breathin that sets the tone of the Illhumanity album. This one will be with a lot of piano, without forgetting this astonishing timbre which well and truly gave us goosebumps more than once.

      Through this project, Nicolas Ly expresses freely all his creativity, listens to his desires. This music which one could qualify as alternative, invites us to dive into a universe entirely cinema, strange, and endowed with illusions. In particular in em>Breathin/em> where the dancer Marine Bourserie and Nicolas Ly engage in a stroll in which chase blends into dance drama.

      Click on the start icon below to discover Breathin.

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      Léna SOUBEYRAN

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