La nuit se lève, new Al’Tarba’s project French Artist

      « La nuit se lève ». It is the name of the new project from Al’ Tarba, Toulousian abstract hip-hop / downtempo beatmaker, that has already collaborated with big names such as Nekfeu, Seth Gueko or Swift Guad.

      The first extract, « Now More Fighting » reveals a universe between Black Mirror and Clockwork Orange, with various types of violence, whether she is virtual or real, urban or from state… The clip, taking place in a near future, shows a small van with henchmen inside, who seem to look for somebody or something…

      The 6th album of Al’ Tarba,  » La nuit se lève » will be released on March 3rd. Meanwhile, you can watch its first extract in the clip below.

      Matthieu DONKENG ALIMETA
      Lire la version en français

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