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      Jon Mack: Hollywood actress, singer, music producer and founder of association Defending the Endangered, opens up on her passions and social commitments in this exclusive interview!

      Kodd Magazine: You started your acting career at the age of 5; your mother was a theatre director. In what moment of your life did you understand singing and acting were your vocation?

      Jon Mack: I don’t think there was ever a conscious decisive moment for that but more like a natural progression. I was blessed to have a mother who encouraged me from an early age to follow my heart and pursue what made gave me fulfillment.

      KM: You have worked on many different films, who are the actors who significantly gave you inspiration for your work?

      JM: Actors that inspire me…well, that list is long but I will name a few actors like Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Helen Mirren and the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman whose work has always been impeccable and pushed me to reach further in my own craft. There are simply so many to name and they all inspire me deeply.

      KM: Can you tell us a little more about the films and the parts you played in your last movie?

      JM: I have 2 films that came out this year and are being released at different times internationally. One is called Mindblown and the other Doomsday Device. Just finished a film called The Amityville Murders about that famous house in Long Island and the strange events that took place there. I have other projects that I’m currently developing but can’t speak too much about those just yet…

      KM: Movie, Television and Music: has been a period in your life in which you decided to push more on one of them?

      JM: I don’t think it works that way for me at least. I try my best to follow where the energy is leading me at the moment as far as which projects to put my focus on. Whenever I’m not working on a film, I am always writing or working on music in some capacity. Music is something that for me will be lifelong since it’s a major part of how I express myself and it definitely offers me release as far as creative expression.

      KM: What about your next album?

It is currently a work in progress and my goal is to have release a full album in 2018. I did step away from production for a couple of years in between albums to focus on other pursuits but the time feels right now so that’s why I’ve put more of my focus on finishing this next release.

      KM: What does it changed from the last?

I’ve grown as both a person and artist and have new things to express and a new perspective in many ways.

      KM: You are a pacific warrior against the endangered wildlife hunting, how do you contribute for this important cause?

I started Defending the Endangered in 2015 after making a music video for my project Auradrone. The video was a graphic portrayal of poaching to really hit home and show the public the ugliness of what was happening to these amazing creatures. From there, I began to gather artists that I knew and who wanted to lend their talents to help this cause. We had our first charity gala this past March and raised money for Rhino Rescue Project as well as The Black Mambas APU in South Africa. In addition to this, DTE has also been able to contribute to the care of rescued circus elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee as well as relief funds for the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey. Although the last donations we were able to send did not go to endangered animals, I still feel it’s important for DTE to help all animals in dire need. Just educating the public is a great thing and I feel that we’ve been gaining momentum in doing so. The true cure for any affliction to this planet such as poaching will always start with educating the public.

      KM: You did a lot of things in your life, most of them are self made and really well realized: can you please tell us your secret?

      JM: I don’t think it’s a secret to follow your bliss as the late great Joseph Campbell once said. And thank you for the kind words. I don’t do anything that I don’t feel drawn to from inside and hopefully that shows in my work.

      KM: Last year a great part of the Hollywood actors asked the people not to vote for the president Trump. In your opinion why the artist feels so far from the politic program proposed by the president?

I don’t get into politics in regard to this person or that person. What interests me is the system itself and how we can make improvements. I feel that people have forgotten the art of having conversation and discourse without it turning into an argument. Communication and freedom of speech are things that not all countries enjoy. We are still blessed with this for the most part so it saddens me to see so much negativity without any off of solution. Conversations can offer solutions if we are willing to have them without feeling the need to defend ourselves. I don’t want to see this country any more divided than it has become yet I also see this as a time that offers the opportunity for much growth. It’s going to be interesting to see where these next few years lead us.

      KM: From Hollywood Studios to a fashion set in Cannes for the second time in two years. How was working with the Photographer Fabrizio Piscopo for the exclusive gallery you shot?

Fabrizio is always a joy and pleasure to work with. I’m always excited to see what results we get from our collaborations. He really has a great eye and sense of composition.

      KM: Sthoica and Feel The breeze are two brands that seems really perfect for you, how do you feel when you wear them?

      JM: Both are very nice. I’ve worked with Sthoica before and always find her clothing so lovely and feminine with bold and beautiful use of color. Feel the Breeze swimwear I was just introduced to and from what I’ve seen, the suits are quite lovely and sophisticated.

      KM: Every year you come in France for the Cannes film festival, what is your feeling for our country?

      JM: I truly love France and adore spending time there. There is so much to appreciate from the food, of course…to the beautiful scenery and incredible fashion. France to me feels like a country that was built on art and the senses. I have many friends there now so it feels a bit like a second home for me.

      KM: What are your biggest dreams?

I have many of them…but honestly, I would like to see that I’ve made some difference in the world not only with my work as an artist but very much so in the world of conservation and protecting endangered wildlife. I would like to open a sanctuary one day because we are running out of space at this point where many of these creatures are not safe in the wild anymore so I would like to contribute and offer refuge to many who need it. This is just one of my big dreams but I believe that I can make this happen when the time is right.

      KM: Finally, what advice do you give to artists who are now starting their career?

      JM: This is not an easy road for most so make sure you are in it for the right reasons and be true to yourself always. Also, learn and absorb as much as you can around you because you never know what is going to set off that next creative spark. Life is diverse and interesting and offers so much if we are open to see.

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