Jouer le jeu, the new clip from the Pirouettes French Singers

      With this new extract of the album Carrément Carrément, The Pirouettes suggests us to Play the Game and leads us once again in a heady pop without any false appearances and keeps it simple with the delicious carefreeness of a generation which appropriates outstandingly its time.

      Leo Bear Creek (also drummer of Coming Soon) and Vickie Chérie (designer and signatory of the album covers) revealed last year for the new year eve the video of 2016, which launched a big year for The Pirouettes with the release of the first album Carrément Carrément, carried by the single L’Escalier, which imposed them as the winning duet of the French synthpop.

      Are they writing the classics of the future? Only time will tell, but be sure that The Pirouettes knew how to create an unpublished universe, between the variety of the 80s and the contemplation of the current youth. Today, Leo and Vickie makes us Play the game with this clip realized by Kevin Elamrani-Lince which announces a concert at La Cigalle on May 11th and a tour all over France.

      Matthieu DONKENG ALIMETA

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