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      #KODDMUSIC met FREIA, the artist with whom nature clashes with the urban fauna, pop art gets dirty with post-apocalyptic street art, ethnic beauty flirts with manga! Her first EP entitled « Hey You » is now available. Discover the interview of this Romanian singer full of surprises!

      #Koddmusic: Can you tell me about you and your career?

      FREIA: I’m singing since I was very very young but I had a long journey along. My producer, Quba, had his own EDM (electronic dance music, Editor note) project like a few years back and we toured together and I was singing on his tracks and doing his MC (microphone controller, Editor note) at the concerts and stuff and we did this for about 5 years. We also had the gig in Paris like I don’t know, 2 years ago or something and in March last year, I wanted to start my solo project, actually Quba is the one who came with the idea. So we started making a few tracks, with tribal sounds that truly represent me and we put them on the internet with homemade videos. That’s how my actual manager,Fabrice Nataf, found us and then we got to Universal and this is where I am now!

      #Koddmusic: What was your plan before music?

      FREIA: I actually never had a plan except music, even though I did go to a communication and PR college after high-school. I went there just to study how this connects with music, so everything I did was related to music, I know anything about music!

      #Koddmusic: So pop, electro and tribal sounds, why?

      FREIA: First of all I think that I always say that because I also grew up in the countryside far away from the capital. I actually went to school in the capital because my parents where there and it’s where I was born. But every time I was free, I was used to going to my grand-parents’ in the countryside, so I also mixed the city with the nature and that’s where the tribal came from I guess, combined with urban sounds. And also because Quba my producer knows me so well, he just came up with the idea to mix styles such as my personalities.

      #Koddmusic: Can you tell me about the success of « Call My Name »?

      FREIA: Well « Call My Name » actually is the third song that we released initially when I just used put homemade videos on my channel but I really wanted to go with it on the first official single when I had to release on the Vevo channel because I don’t know I guess it was really close to my heart, I really find myself in the lyrics and when me and Quba did the song we really felt it. We think that the drop sounds very special, we nicknamed « the turkey ». « Call My Name » is a very personal song.

      #Koddmusic: And what about your new song « You You »? How did you create it?

      FREIA: It’s a funny thing because Quba took that drop « you you you you » from a very old song of mine that was much more classic, we didn’t even have the Freia project and stuff. He took the chorus when I said one « you » in that old song and made this « you you you you » for this new one. So we just went from this drop with this song actually and made the verses and the chorus, and that was it!

      #Koddmusic: What are your music influences?

      FREIA: So first of all my influences are tribal of course, I’m sure that you can hear it in each song that we do even if it’s with a sax on it or with very hardcore drums. Every song is going with that tribal vibe, it’s my thing!

      #Koddmusic: Do you have any future project?

      FREIA: Except my own right now, no. I’m working with my producer and some of my friends on other projects but I’m just a song writer and we are a big team of four. We do everything from producing, to lyrics, to music, we’re very united and that’s what I’m doing besides FREIA. However this is my main concern because I’m really into what we’re doing, me and Quba, and we have the album ready and we’ll keep releasing until we feel that’s okay to release the album.

      #Koddmusic: Do you have a last word, advice for our readers?

      FREIA: I’m a huge Disney fan, and I once read that Walt Disney said: « If you can dream it, you can do it », so I go by this motto, because if you really dream high and work for it, I’m sure you will get there.

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      Words registered by Angela Anz
      Léna SOUBEYRAN

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