How to promote your brand in 2020 ? Tips

      Finding the right way to promote your brand is always complicated. Especially in 2020, when all trends change as fast as the speed of light. A company’s success is based on one essential ingredient: the brand image. It is the most important element of your company because it directly influences a consumer’s vision of the products and services you offer. Communication is a magical tool, when used properly, that can help you achieve all your goals. However, you must know how to send an authentic and transparent message that reflects who you really are and the values you want to convey. Remember: you are what you communicate! The way a company communicates, a consumer is able to perceive how it will approach customer relationship management. 

      So you have understood that good communication is essential for the proper development of a company. This is not something to be taken lightly, it requires a lot of thought upstream. We are going to give you some advice to promote your brand in 2020:

      Be on social networks 

      This is not a scoop, in 2020 being on social networks is the basis of any communication strategy. Influencers on social networks are among the strongest means of communication in today’s society. If a company wants to exist and promote its notoriety, it must be present on social networks and maintain partnerships with its influencers. They are there to promote your goods and services within their community. Notably through product placements, content sponsorships, interviews … This helps to create intent, but also to establish a relationship of trust between the influencer community and your company. 

      Invest in your website

      Social media can stimulate engagement with your company, but be aware that you will never have 100% control over these spaces. The only place you can manage from A to Z as you see fit is your own website. Your website is the showcase of your brand image, the first impression that consumers have of you. It is therefore essential to have a website that is aesthetic, fun and easy to use in order to build a home base for your customers. You can trust professionals to create your site or you can do it with your little hands thanks to these different tools, explained on this website

      Offer personalized advertising products 

      Everybody likes to get presents. Giving personalized goodies to your customers allows you to familiarize them with your company name and logo: the objective being that they come or come back to buy from you. Branding is not disturbing for them but extremely beneficial for you because it is also an opportunity to acquire new customers. Indeed, these products will be in contact with your customers’ entourage, which will improve your brand awareness and image on a larger scale. Moreover, unlike a marketing action on television or radio, personalized advertising objects have a life span of 6 months in the hands of your customers. An investment over time that is not negligible. 

      Go for the « wow effect » 

      If you want to make an impression and create a buzz, there’s nothing better than the street marketing. This communication is becoming increasingly popular, especially in 2020. It will reach your targets in their daily lives, whether in the subway, in the street, in public places, on sidewalks, on pedestrian crossings. When your audience is surprised, they have the reflex to share it on their social networks or to talk about it with those around them: the image of your brand is multiplied tenfold. You stand out from the crowd, you surprise, what could be better for a brand image! 

      You have all the cards in hand to best promote your brand in 2020. It’s up to you!

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