Finding designer swimwear by Tess DiNapoli

      The time has finally come to shed our winter coats and boots and exchange them for lighter affairs, like swimwear and flip flops. It was not so long ago that people would wait for stores to stock the new swimwear lines and patrons would scramble to buy the most stylish suits in their size before they sold out.

      On top of that, nothing was worse than showing up at a crowded beach, proud and ready to showcase your newly purchased bikini, only to realize three other people are rocking the exact same swimsuit. Lucky for us, we now have the power of online shopping combined with in-demand fashion designers to open up a whole new and extremely diverse world of swimwear! Finding your go-to stylish bikini can require a lot of trial and error. Women are not all shaped from the same cookie cutter, and some styles will flatter you differently than others. That’s where companies that offer free shipping and returns swoop in like a saving grace and allow you to order many different suits and sizes.

      Think you love a suit at first glance? Then order it in multiple sizes and send back the ones that you don’t think look as amazing, free of charge. Now, you’ve likely fallen in love with a swimsuit or two over the years that you just can’t visit the beach without. But, just one year later, the elastic stretches and the colours fade, forcing you to throw it out because of shoddy materials that barely lasted one summer. Big Box retail stores are notorious for providing the public with these subpar swimsuits. Serious fashion designers, however, know that you want quality materials that can last without fading and stretching. Trust us, once you find a quality, well-made brand, you’ll never go back to cheap bikinis again.

      In fact, designer swimwear is always fresh for every new season. But once these new fashions are rolled out, you better act fast, as they are often produced in limited quantities. Missed your chance with a bikini look you love? Don’t worry! Some lines are introduced monthly, so you can get the latest styles throughout spring and summer. There are always top-notch designs making their way to online retailers for you to purchase. Don’t forget to sign up for email alerts that will let you know when new arrivals are due to debut! The perfect attire for all of your summer occasions. Swimwear today is not just limited to your favourite watering holes and beaches.

      It is a style that can go from the shoreline to a restaurant, to a park, to the club, and anywhere in between. A bikini top on a hot summer day looks great paired with your favourite pair of shorts and cute sandals. Hop on over to a friend’s pool party in your bikini and a cute wrap-around skirt and you’re ready for swimming or socializing by the poolside. Take the boat out for a dip and a little fishing, then pull right up to the dockside restaurant for some lunch in your bikini. Slap on some sun care to work on your tan or head up to the pier souvenir shops for a break from the sun. Swimwear can easily transition from day to evening wear. Once you find your perfect bikini look, don’t be afraid to show it off wherever summertime fun is!

      There is no shortage of inspiration found on Pinterest and other social media outlets.Instagram is a great place to start. You can follow your favourite influencers and stars to see what swim styles they will be sporting around the beach this year. You can also follow specific brands to see when new styles will be arriving, receive previews of new stock that’s soon to come, and discover which celebrities follow them too. Make your friends jealous this year with a trendy bikini style they will want to steal from you! Break out of the Big Box stores and find your hidden gem swimsuit in the world of online fashion design. Discover the huge difference that quality materials and expert craftsmanship make in the fit, look, and extended life of designer swimwear.

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