Fin, Syd’s first album American Singer

      Syd, the singer and producer of the group The Internet brings out her first solo album today,Fin. 

      Fin is the first album written and produced by Syd, after the release ofEgo Death with her group The Internet, which has been nominated at the Grammy Awards. Fin is a brilliant album, and stands out as a big stage in Syd’s career, on R&B dark tones and embodied by the silky voice of the young artist..

      After a first single which already got more than a million views on YouTube and monopolizing places in numerous top 10 worldwide, we can only expect good from Syd‘s album. The album is moreover available on numerous supports right now, and the clip of the single « All About Me » is watchable below of this article.

      Matthieu DONKENG ALIMETA
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