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      The Fashion Boundary capsule collection was born out of a need for a small collection of pieces that would stand the test of time and trends. These pieces would be items that a woman can wear along with her favourite other pieces, without disrupting her current wardrobe. Rather than being simple pieces, you can purchase anywhere, each capsule collection item has a little Fashion Boundary touch, even if it’s a subtle bow feature or a dramatic ruffle. The Pure Mirror collection was inspired by nature, architecture, interior design and art.

      The first collection, Pure Mirror, was a collaboration between brands Fashion Boundary and Thou Art. This collection was largely inspired by the original earthy colour palette of Uluru, the large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. Rock textures have been reinterpreted into the repeated folded lotus leaf details in most of the pieces. The main colour scheme Tan, Cream, Grey and Black were inspired by the incredible red earth and colour palettes of its surroundings.

      These colours also work well with a number of current staples such as a favourite pair of blue jeans or a white T-shirt. These clothing items were designed to become pieces that will be in your wardrobe for a long time. Particular pieces can be worn differently to different occasions, that can be dressed up with the appropriate accessories.

      This collection was designed for the girl who is independent, contemporary and confident. She doesn’t want to wear what everybody else is, yet still wants to look stylish amongst her peers. The Pure Mirror girl doesn’t need to follow trends, as trends come and go so fast. She cares deeply about the creation and design of each piece and the story behind the designer and brand.

      These staple pieces were designed to be items ones that you always reach for; an oversized shirt that you love, a classic trench coat you can just throw on and a simple cropped blazer and dress trousers all feature in the collection. The ten items of clothing can all be worn to multiple occasions, suitable for work, formal events, casual dinners, relaxing weekend away etc.

      This collection is an important milestone for Fashion Boundary as it marks the beginning of Fashion Boundary label, an ongoing project which collaborates with designers from around the world. Each collection will offer something new, however, it still includes a Fashion Boundary touch. It was important for the first collection to pay homage to Australia as it is where Fashion Boundary began. « We would like to continue to tell a story through the clothing pieces and offer a new perspective in design, functionality and sustainability. » Said by Fashion Boundary team

      Discover Pure Mirror today and keep an eye out for the launch of Fashion Boundary’s upcoming collection launch in the near future.

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